Oh, baby. . . save a bundle

By Mir
May 20, 2009

It’s been a long time since I had to buy diapers, but I’m still not over the trauma of how much money it all cost. Those of you with kids still in diapers, you have my fiscal sympathy.

Check this out, though—right now Amazon is offering a deal on Pampers and Luvs diapers and wipes. First of all, they’re marked down, already. Second, save another 15% with coupon code PMPRSJN9. And third, save another 15% (and get free shipping) if you purchase via Subscribe & Save.

You can stock up and save without even leaving the house. Because—as every parent knows—the only thing worse than having to buy all those diapers is having to baby-wrangle at the store to get ’em.


  1. Can’t find the Subscribe and Save for that extra 15%. Any tips? It’s usually right at the check out as an option.

  2. Lexi: It looks like only certain products offer the S&S; on the original page of the link I gave you, look for 30% off Pampers as a sub-category for the stuff that’s S&S eligible.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!! This ends up being a fabulous price for something that we always need!

  4. Thanks Mir. You are so wise and so observant.

  5. I accept your sympathy and your savings tips. Gladly.

  6. Man…such a bummer…super deal and they won’t ship to my military address…boo!!

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