Summer = hotdogs

By Mir
May 20, 2009

Look; I know hot dogs aren’t exactly health food. I soothe my conscience by buying the beef ones. They’re probably not any healthier, but for whatever reason I feel like maybe they are. I know I’m deluded. No reason to tell me.

My absolute favorite kind of hot dog are the free ones, though. Starting at 9:00 Eastern time (that’s about 10 minutes from now), Oscar Mayer is giving away free beef franks, or at least a coupon for them. Thinking about how I got them for free will, one assumes, keep me from wondering how many bug parts are hidden in there. (You’re welcome!)


  1. yum.. the twins love hot diggity dogs.. Thanks Mir

  2. Thank you… have my coupon “in the mail” =P

  3. Thanks Mir….people might want to know that it ends at 11am eastern today…just sayin.

  4. woohoo! I can’t feel quite as guilty about feeding them to my children if they were free, right? (What is it about kids and hot dogs, anyway? My vegetarian 18-month old scarfs them down and won’t touch any other meat.)

  5. Coupons for free stuff are BETTER than just getting the free stuff, because you can use the coupons to run up your total at the store when using a $5/$50 coupon or whatever.

  6. Cool! My son LURVES hotdogs but I work with engineers who provide consulanting services to manufacturing facilities. During the enforced socialization at staff meetings (also known as dinner), they like to discuss work….involved, detailed descriptions of how various items are made.

    I do not eat hotdogs.

  7. Hm. It’s 10:21a central (11:21 eastern) and I just got the OK on my coupon order, so I’m not sure it expired at 11 eastern. Just FYI! 😀

  8. I just got my coupon too. Yay for free hot dogs!

  9. Fine print now says offer expires 11:59am eastern, while supplies last. I’m thinking the deadline will keep being extended until supplies run out….

  10. Thanks so much! Still working as of 11:40 est.

  11. Thank you on behalf of my children.

  12. It now says 11:59 pm and I got it to work. Yay for free hot dogs. I’ll feed them to Bugman since I CANNOT eat beef hot dogs YUCK! But I LOVE me some cheapo mixed chicken/pork/turkey/whatever it is dogs. Weird, I know. And I do know how much crap is in them and how they are made but they are just too good to resist.

  13. Just in time for grilling season!

  14. 8:44 PM & I snagged a coupon! Thanks Mir! The site says the offer runs out at 11:59 PM.

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