The greatest invention since sliced bread

By Mir
May 21, 2009

… is, without a doubt, the portable DVD player.

You don’t agree? Oh, okay. That’s fine. Clearly you’ve never taken a very long trip in a car with siblings. No, that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course. As I’m entitled to mine. Which is this: If I’m going to be in the car with my kids for longer than about two hours, you can bet your sweet bippy I’m going to bring the DVD player and buy myself some peace. And I don’t even know what a bippy is. So.

Right now is offering the Philips portable 7″ DVD player with dual screens for just $89.99 shipped, which is less than what I paid for my single screen one. Those puppies strap to your car’s headrests for long trips in the car, or they can be hand-held.

Oh, one more thing—get headphones for it, too. You’re welcome.


  1. Ooh, Hubs said no, but I’m thinking we’ll need one later this summer. Here’s hoping for another great deal as it gets closer!

  2. I followed the link but the price is listed as $174.99. I’m clearly new at this – what am I doing wrong?

  3. Dawn, you’re not doing anything wrong, they sold out and now the cheapest one from another seller is the 174.99.

  4. LOL! I have not heard about my sweet bippy in a long time! Wikipedia says it’s from Laugh In.

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