Stock up on rechargeables

By Mir
May 27, 2009

Okay, so, we all know we’re supposed to be switching over to rechargeable batteries—better for the environment, ultimately better for our wallets, etc. But lousy rechargeable batteries are worse than crummy alkalines; they die quickly and leave you grumbling.

The “best of the best” are supposedly the Sanyo Eneloops, but I’m also hearing good things about Duracell’s version, which is currently on sale at Amazon. A 4-pack of AAAs for under $8 shipped (assuming you have Prime or get enough in your cart for Super Saver Shipping) is what you’d pay for disposables, only these will last a whole lot longer.

(If you need AAs, they’re at $11, still, which is not a bad price, just not quite as great as the AAAs.)


  1. The price went up already — the Eneloops are cheaper now!

  2. Do you need to buy a separate charger for these?

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