Pretty little blender

By Mir
June 24, 2009

I like small things. They’re cute. They entice me. And so, yes, I’m hanging my head in shame, but I have been intrigued by the Magic Bullet blender ever since I saw the first TV commercial for it. It’s so cute! And everyone can have their own mug! And we love smoothies!

But I’ve never bought one, because they’re kind of pricey and just seem superfluous.

Today that might change. Right now Kohls has the Magic Bullet Express 17-piece set for just $39.99. Because I’m a Kohls card holder, I can use coupon code MVCFIFTEEN for another 15% off and code MVC9990 for free shipping—getting me that adorable little blender for $34 shipped. As a point of reference, it’s currently $50 at Amazon. (Don’t have a Kohls card? You can use code THANKS9710 for an additional 10% off, and right now shipping is free on orders of $75+, if you have other shopping to do.)

I could be the smoothie queen with this, don’t you think?


  1. We bought ours from craigslist five months ago and love it for making smoothies , milkshakes and grinding up spices. I am still surprised that it really works!

  2. I received one as a gift, and was reluctant to keep it. “Why do I need one more thing on my counter?” But my husband started using it for protein shakes in the morning, and I’ve found lots of other uses for it, too. So I have to admit (here, where he won’t see it) that my husband was right about something, and I’m glad we kept it.

  3. We bought ours from Target after seeing the infomercial. (Which I hate to admit, since usually I abhor all commercials.) It truly is magical. Lots of frozen fruit and some soy milk and presto, heaven. Plus, we can make our own Orange Julius, now. We’ve had it for about a year and we still love it!

  4. My husband bought the Magic Bullet for me a few years ago for Mother’s Day, and I love it. You’d definitely be the smoothie queen.

  5. I do the same thing as Michelle, soymilk + frozen fruit = the most delish smoothie.

  6. Wat is it about the husbands and the Magic Bullet? My DH got one for his birthay after watching the infomercial from start to finish and being absolutely ENTHRALLED with it. It makes awesome blended margaritas, and I also use it to make up small batches of pesto. Pretty handy if I do say so myself 🙂

  7. Magic Bullet = easiest baby food EVER!!!

  8. Have wanted one of these for a while, just realized that I have $45 credit on my Kohls charge, it’s like getting one for free. Thanks Mir, I feel like I just won a contest.

  9. I think a Magic Bullet is the PERFECT smoothie maker for a camper. Small, compact, powerful. I’m just saying…..

  10. I pink puffy heart my Magic Bullet!

  11. Isn’t there a . . . “personal toy” with the same name? Making some of the comments quite amusing. 😉

  12. I may be the only one here saying this, but we got one a couple of years ago and returned it after two weeks – I thought it sucked.

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