Because going organic shouldn’t mean going broke

By Mir
June 29, 2009

I don’t have a local Costco, which is—if I am to believe my sources who enjoy its allure regularly—something of a mecca for cheap organics. Some of us live in the boonies, and some of us have to rely on local sales and Amazon grocery deals to get the organics we love at reasonable prices.

So even though I’m currently on the road, you’d better believe I’m surfing through the current organic grocery 50%+ off deals at Amazon to see what yummy stuff we can score at non-organic prices. Like, I can buy a case of chocolate Newman-O’s for about $2/package after the Subscribe & Save discount. (These are normally upwards of $5/pack at my local store.) Ditto for the Fig Newmans, which are my son’s favorite. Sure, they’re still cookies, but they’re organic cookies that my kids love. Cheap. Score!


  1. Thanks! I just put 12 bags of organic coffee on Subscribe & Save. Now that’s a subscription I won’t mind keeping if the products are still around 6 mos. from now.

  2. And I guess you are getting this applesauce at a bargain for only $16. Considering the original value of $112.56??
    What is with that?

  3. If they’re organic they’re health food, not cookies!

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