It’s a Boom Blox Bash

By Mir
June 30, 2009

I got a free trial of a video game rental service a while back, for the kids. I asked them what games they wanted to put in the queue, and they gave me a list of about six different ones. First on the list was Boom Blox, and when it came they played it relentlessly and by the end of the trial, we’d never received anything else. Because the children were unwilling to give up Boom Blox. (It really is a fun game.)

Now there’s a new Boom Blox game! And right now Boom Blox Bash Party is just $29.99 at Amazon—an amazing price considering it’s still pretty much brand new. It has great reviews, too.

I may have to break down and buy it.


  1. If you do decide to purchase Boom Blox Bash Party, please be careful if your Wii console is connected to the Internet.

    The THOUSANDS of free levels available Online will ensure that your kids never play any other game!

    Thanks for your support!


  2. Thanks! We have the original Boom Blox and it’s still one of my favorite Wii Games. I can’t wait for this new one to arrive.

  3. man, I want this, but I can’t justify it right now. (Though gosh, I sure did try! Too bad we’re buying a house next month!) Of course, I still haven’t finished the first boom blox.

  4. We love the original game. When I saw your title I was soooo hoping this was a contest!

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