Have some more honey, Honey

By Mir
July 2, 2009

A new month means new grocery specials at Amazon, so I was just taking a quick cruise through those.

Has anyone ever tried this Honey Tree honey gel before? I can’t decide if I’m intrigued or horrified—it’s a product that’s “88-90% honey,” with no HFCS or other additives. They’ve added some pectin to make it less runny, is all. It’s “the honey that stays put” and “great for kids.”

My kids looooove honey and also seem virtually incapable of spreading it only on the sandwich in front of them. I find it on the table, the chairs, and the kitchen counters. A honey that stays put is sounding pretty good, actually.

Use coupon code HONEYT32 to take an additional 30% off your purchase, and 12 containers of Honey Gel can be yours for under $14. (It’s not Subscribe & Save eligible, though, so you’ll either need Prime or additional items for Super Saver Shipping to get free shipping.)

Am I delirious from the mountain air and long hours on the road, or is this actually kind of brilliant?


  1. I was about to get some cheap honey, but I realized it comes 6 in a pack instead of 12. Comes to $2.30 a bottle- still not bad if you go through some honey. Cool find Mir, if my kids were older this might be something smart to remember.

  2. 10-12% pectin seems like A LOT of pectin, doesn’t it? Am I overthinking this?
    Because it sounds WRONG and possibly EVIL to me. So yes, I may be overthinking this.
    (But WHAT else could the remaining 10-12% BE? WHAT?)

  3. You can always buy local honey at our county fair, and last year we bought spreadable honey that had nothing added; it was simply crystallized. I don’t think any other ingredients are necessary, but then I didn’t try this.

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