I would love to Wii Bowl on it

By Mir
July 8, 2009

My television needs are pretty simple, which is to say that until my current one dies, it will continue to be my current one. Alas. Sometimes love of shiny things and frugality really don’t mix all that well.

But if I was loaded, or if my TV died tomorrow (and someone handed me $800…), I would snap up this Sony BRAVIA 40″ LCD TV, because it’s big and shiny and much nicer than my current, clunky, no-name set. And also because that’s a heck of a deal on a Sony flat screen of that size.

So. Who wants to come kick in my television screen and give me $800? Anyone?



  1. If I ever win the lottery, you’ll be in the list for a new shiny television 🙂

  2. I won’t make you sad by telling you how big and wonderful our tv is. You’re too good to me!

  3. AHHHHH! I paid 2,000 dollars for that TV a little over a year ago! Now I’m so sad.

  4. We have an old clunker too, and I was Googling some problem we had with interference . . came across some snarky remark about how all of us old-TV people should just go buy the new ones as they are so cheap now. !!!? These kids today, thinking $800 is cheap (shaking head in disgust).

  5. This really isn’t that great of a price. With my tax return this past year I broke down and bought a 50 inch plasma screen at best buy for 850. But I will qualify that with the caveat that I shopped for a YEAR before I decided. My advice get one in Feb after the superbowl. They are always cheaper in feb.

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