Shave away shave away shave away

By Mir
July 21, 2009

One of life’s great unsolvable mysteries—right up there with how pollination works—is why razor blades cost so much money. I often consider becoming a body-hair-loving hippie, and then my legs get stubbly and I chuck the idea. Still; why so much for razors?

The average cost of replacement triple blades at my local grocery store is around $3/blade. As my husband is perpetually in need of refills (possibly because when he tries to buy them at regular price I begin squawking about starving children in Africa and the indignity of being a bargain blogger and having a spouse who overpays for razor blades), this morning I was looking around… and discovered that Amazon has Mach3 cartridges on sale, 12 blades for around $16. That’s about as cheap as I’ve seen ’em without working a coupon and a sale together.

And as long as I was finding those, I looked for me, too—Venus refills are down to $10.50 for 8. Both are Super Saver Shipping eligible, so I got one of each and they shipped together for free.

Maybe someday I’ll go au naturale, but until then, I’m stocking up when the getting’s good.


  1. I now it’s not good for the environment but I buy disposable Gillette razors at Costco. When they have a Costco coupon you can usually get 52 razors for about $15….

  2. I would have never thought of Amazon for razors but with those prices, I’ll definitely be checking them out next time!

  3. Hey, thanks for the Super Saver Shaver deal!

  4. Yeah! Thanks for the deal. Those are the exact kind we use. I scored them both and then added a small book I’d been wanting to buy . . . Free Shipping!

  5. Now I’m a Super Saver Shaver Shopper too! (Whew, say that three times fast!) Thanks much, Mir for these tips.

  6. Sweet..being that I took the cheap route on razors and just this morning knicked right above my ankle, i’ll be getting both of these.

  7. My husband and I both believe it’s important to use good razors; his choice is the Gillette Fusion, which I’m not too fond of because it has an extra blade on the top of the razor, right where an unsuspecting female might grab it. But the astonishing thing is how long he can make a razor cartridge last… six months is not unusual for him. Don’t go thinking he’s only got a follicle or two of peach fuzz, either. He is HAIRY. He’s got a thick black beard that starts about an inch below his eyelashes, and he manages to get a clean shave daily with his ancient razors. He claims that keeping the razor very, very clean is the secret.

    I’m currently stocked up with a year’s worth of Bic Soleil Bella razors. Between the stack of $3 off coupons I got from BzzAgent and a Buy One Get One Free special, I managed to get Publix to pay me 50 cents per package to take them home. I love it when I win shopping!

  8. Sweet they had my Venus Embrace on sale too… and we love our Amazon Prime!

  9. I like to wait until the hair on my legs gets kinda long, and them rub them together to make music, like a cricket… 😉

  10. Awesome! My husband goes through a razor blade every week because he shaves his head. The pack of 12 is usually around $2/blade at our local W@l-Mart.

  11. I had never thought of picking up my razors from amazon before….

    I think you have just blown my world, Mir.

  12. Wow, that’s even ~50 cents per blade cheaper than Sam’s Club. Thanks so much for the heads-up!

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