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By Mir
July 28, 2009
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My son has braces. I’ve mentioned this two or three (hundred) times before, yes? The last time we took him to the orthodontist, he was given a Fair/Poor grade on his brushing. And I was mortified. Look, it’s hard to brush well around braces, and harder still if you’re only nine and easily distracted by shiny things. But the orthodontist’s suggestion that I buy him a $200 sonic toothbrush fell on deaf (frugal) ears.

Today’s Woot of the Day is a two-pack of Oral-B Vitality Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrushes and replacement heads for $24.99. Shipping is $5, so you’re getting 2 brushes and 4 extra heads for $30 shipped.

Let’s compare: Over at Amazon, one brush alone will cost you $17. Then a pack of three replacement heads is another $17. Two brushes and three heads—one head less than you get from Woot—will therefore cost you $51 shipped.

I bought the Woot pack. At this price, both kids can have one, and I can tell the orthodontist what I think of their $200 suggestion.


  1. Sweet. Thank you. I was just thinking the brushes would be a great idea.

    And thanks for that heads up on the Starbucks ice cream a bit ago. My coupon just came in the mail. Woohoo!

  2. Do you think the orthodontist gets kickbacks from the expensive toothbrush company?

  3. Oral B Vitality is what our orthodontist sold us for my oldest son’s braces.

  4. I have a Sonicare, given to me by the mother of a student, that I would never have bought on my own.

    If it costs $200, it’s worth every penny. When mine dies, I will happily pay to replace it (although I will of course be looking for a sale) and I won’t begrudge the $15 per replacement head.

    Just think of it this way: how many cavities and whitening treatments does it have to save you in order to be cost-effective?

  5. As painful as the cost is, I have to second an enthusiastic Sonicare recommendation. For a few years, I had suffered from chronic brown stains on my front teeth–no, I don’t drink anything except ice water–that miraculously disappeared after I started using a Sonicare brush purchased on sale from Costco.

  6. In late June, I went in for my first cleaning in three years (I know, I know). I was diagnosed with both gingivitis and the beginnings of periodontal disease (which, apparently, means your gums are separating from your teeth so that they can begin falling out and giving you that hip hillbilly look). She said something about pockets- space between my gums and my teeth. I was to come back in three weeks to complete the cleaning– apparently my gums couldn’t take a full cleaning in one sitting– and for them to see if there’d been any improvement. She recommended a Sonicare, a WaterPik, flossing, mouthwash.

    Terrified, I bought the $60 Sonicare and brushed twice a day. We couldn’t afford the WaterPik at the same time. I flossed twice (I know, I know). I used mouthwash once (I know, I know).

    Three weeks later, I returned and was given a clean bill of toothhealth and told to come back in six months. Disaster averted.

    I will not use a normal toothbrush ever again. They’re expensive, but they work miracles.

  7. I appreciate all the votes for the expensive Sonicare. I’m not knocking it—I have one, myself—was just saying that I won’t spend that kind of money on my kid until he’s a bit more responsible. And until then, I thought this Woot! deal was a great opportunity to get him something better without worrying about him breaking it. 🙂

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