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By Mir
July 30, 2009

As some of you know, I’m married to a photographer. That means that 90% of the time, I don’t even bother taking pictures—I leave it to him. The other 10% of the time, I’m either snapping something with my phone or sneaking around with his Lensbaby. Here is what I love about the Lensbaby: Once you get the hang of it, you end up with really cool-looking photos. (Here’s what else I love about the Lensbaby: I’m actually better with it than my husband, because all of his technical proficiency seems to get in the way of the “that looks sort of cool” flow that seems to work best.) I’m not a great photographer, to be honest, but I’ve gotten some fabulous shots with the Lensbaby and it’s just plain fun to use.

Have you considered buying one? If so, right now the Lensbaby LB2C is just $69.99 shipped from Amazon. That’s a heckuva lot cheaper than a fancy tilt-shift lens, cheaper even than the regular Lensbaby price ($100), and a great way to dabble in “artsy” photography without breaking the bank.

Showing your resultant pictures to your husband and demanding, “Say it! Say I made an awesome picture!” is optional. Ahem.


  1. Hi Mir,
    You are so pretty and smart – I know you will know the answer to this. On the lensbaby, it says special offer is available. Scroll down, and it says you can get 15% off the lensbaby if you purchase 1 of the Qualifying Items. I feel kinda stupid asking you this, but how do we find the qualifying items??


  2. The timing is so funny. I just bought a simple digital camera for myself last night. I thought I had the perfect one picked out – until I brought my photog daughter to Best Buy with me! She tried out seven different models and eventually settled on exactly the same top two that I’d chosen three days earlier. Now I’m almost afraid to open the bag and start trying it out!

  3. Ha ha ha – I love the image of you and Otto laughing whilst you make your demands. 🙂

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