This is utterly crazy

By Mir
August 2, 2009

A great big huge “Gosh you are pretty” shout-out is going to alert Want Not reader Mary for this one:

So, we first discovered the EnviroKidz Crispy Rice bars years ago, when we were doing a gluten-free trial with one of my kids. They’re basically a healthy, organic version of chocolate rice krispies. Yum. And Amazon is currently offering a case of six boxes (36 bars in total) for about $18, or around $12 after coupon and Subscribe & Save, which is pretty good.

But pretty Mary clicked through to the “other buying options” and discovered that the same case of 36 bars is currently being offered for $4.99 plus $.99 shipping through The Vitamin Shoppe. Just in case math isn’t your thing, let me make that a little clearer for you: That’s less than seventeen cents per bar. For a gluten-free, organic snack.

Mary says her order has already shipped. If this truly works, this is insane.


  1. Sweet!

  2. My order for 2 is in. We’ll see.

  3. Sweet!

  4. So excited. Fingers crossed.

  5. Thanks Mir! You’re so pretty too! Can’t wait to get mine!

  6. Okay, I’m trying it!

  7. That’s a great price for any snack, let alone a healthy one! I ordered 4; we’ll be set for the school year if it works.

  8. Can it possibly be? I ordered 2 and the shipping was .99! Shipping for under a buck? Crazy good deal! THanks!!!

  9. I just got an email that it’s on backorder, and will ship in (only) 7-10 days. Crossing fingers this works.

  10. Thanks!

  11. I put in an order, too. There’s no way I could pass this great snack up, especially with school starting soon!

  12. I placed my order. I haven’t tried these, but I’m planning a long trip and I think these will come in handy.

  13. Sounds fab for school lunches! Thanks!

  14. Sweet! We’ve only tried the PB ones, but we like them!

  15. Just ordered some. If they get here in time, I’m totally putting them in my daughter’s birthday party goodie bags. 🙂 Thanks, Mir!

  16. I’ll give it a whirl for this price! Thanks.

  17. My order was confirmed with an estimated ship date between August 11-17.


  18. I put in an order for 2 . . . can’t wait to try them and see what the kids think. Thanks!

  19. Just ordered two. Great to have on hand when you have some friends that need gulten free snacks!! Cool!! Thanks Mir!!

  20. yippeeee

  21. aackk, I thought I hit a gold-mine but unfortunately they might contain nuts. Poor Bugman has such limited options for school snacks with all the nut allergies in his room. He just wants a granola bar sometimes but we can’t send any. 🙁

  22. They told me mine were on the way!

  23. Hey I got the order confirmation and it is on backorder for about 10 days. BUT, they didn’t cancel the order so I’m impressed.

  24. Thought we would try them and ordered yesterday morning, told it was backordered. Received an email today apologizing for the “unusually long waiting period” and they pushed back the ship date to 8/23/09. Not a problem, considering I feared they would cancel the order. Would your readers possibly be causing the “unusually long wait?”, pretty Mir? :o)

  25. They sent me only 7 boxes instead of 7 cases. I am trying to get it worked out, but what a hassle. At the least I should get my money back. I was hoping for a great deal though!

  26. I just spoke to The Vitamin Shoppe to cancel my order. didn’t want to wait a month for it to come. I mentioned that it was an order for a case of 6 boxes of bars and she siad no that is not right. “Its one box of 6 bars. No one is going to get a case of 6 boxes for $4.99” So be careful. One box for 4.99 + .99shipping is NOT a good deal

  27. Mary, did you get your order? What’s the scoop on the 1 box vs. 6 boxes?

  28. Shoot, I wish I’d checked this earlier—I just got the notification that mine shipped today so it’s too late to cancel.

  29. AUGH! Placed an order for what I though were 2 cases and got 2 boxes — for $12!!!
    Now have to do a return. Stinks!

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