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By Mir
August 3, 2009

Y’all know I’m a Mac girl, but eventually it became clear to me that even my beloved iPhone wasn’t going to be sufficient for everything I need to do while on the road. I picked up an Asus Eee PC earlier this summer and love it; it does everything I need in a tiny little package. I even stick it in my purse and take it to doctor’s appointments, now.

Of course, netbooks come in all shapes and sizes and levels, but the exact one I bought is on sale for $180 at today with free shipping. It’s got Linux, not Windows—which is nice if you’re sort of leery of Windows (I am)—but still has a pretty intuitive desktop and all of the applications you’re likely to need. At that price, you can hardly go wrong.

Note: This computer is only 9″, which is great if you want something ultra-portable. The teeny keyboard does take some getting used to, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a “primary computer” unless you’re a little person or under the age of 12. Just sayin’.


  1. Ooh! That’s like half price! I am so tempted.
    I bought one of these last summer — the Linux version — and altho I liked it I ended up returning it because i really wanted something w/ a full-size screen to watch tv and movies on. But the Linux was not at all scary, in fact, it was a plus because it was more lightweight than Windows and therefore the thing moved screaming fast. Like, I would hit the on button and it would be ready for me to check my email in a couple seconds.

  2. We bought one of these this past Spring when there was a WOOT-off, for $150. It is a cute little thing and linux is very easy to use and deal with. My teen likes it for internet surfing. *G*

  3. Mine’s uber similiar to that. However, the “customized” (HA!) version of Xandros on them is horrible. I recommend everyone updates to the eee pc version of Ubuntu. It’s way better – and there are many support forums.

    (I, however, use the future-husband to do it. I mean he is working on a PhD in Computer Science…)

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