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By Mir
August 4, 2009

You don’t need to lose any weight—heck, you look fabulous—but since going wheat-free I’ve become a fan of foods in bar-form that I can tuck into my purse for food emergencies. And if those bars can be nutritionally dense and maybe even help me lose weight, well, who can argue with that?

So in my cruising around of grocery deals I found this variety pack of thinkThin bars on special at Amazon. Now, they caught my interest because they’re gluten-free, but they also have 20 grams of protein per bar, so they sound like a pretty decent “energy bar” option for just about anyone.

And here’s the deal: These normally cost about $2/bar. Right now the case of 20 is marked down to $30, plus you can use coupon code THINKTH4 to save another 25%, and using Subscribe & Save saves you an additional 40% and (as always) gets you free shipping. The net result is less than a buck a bar.

Did I mention that two of the three flavors are chocolate? Yum.


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