Fizzy Izze, so much better than soda

By Mir
August 5, 2009

I’m just going to say it: I love Izze. I love that instead of high fructose corn syrup-laden soda I can offer my kids a treat that’s pure fruit juice (in delicious flavors) mixed with sparkling water, no sugar or HFCS added.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is varieties of Izze for just $14.99 for a 24-pack. Even better, you can purchase via Subscribe & Save, which brings the cost down to $12.74 and gets you free shipping. At around $.50/can, it’s still more expensive than soda, but infinitely less guilt-inducing.


  1. Saw this in my Amazon email this morning and bought two 24-packs (pomegranate and clementine). My son LOVES these and I love it for the taste and the health reasons.

  2. Definitely taking advantage of this deal. Thanks, Mir!

  3. Thanks! I love Izze too, but don’t buy them that often because of the price, so I definately took advantage of this deal!

  4. I’m trying out the blackberry. Thanks!!

  5. We’re signing up, too!

  6. I don’t let my 3 adn 5 yr olds drink soda or ewwy juice as they call it but um drink it periodically myself. My 5 year old has tried it and didn’t like it. The 3 yr old likes to be difficult and used to sneak some of mine. Anyway the older child finally asked me why I drink it when he cant and the usual reasoning of because you’re a growing kid wasn’t working. I made him a deal that I would stop drinking it since he couldn’t…

    But man, this is an exceptional deal and I LOVE the grapefruit flavor. I guess I’ll ponder if I should let them have this even though it is still carbonated…

  7. I love the Apple Izze because it reminds me very much of the Apfelschorle I used to drink in Germany. My Target had Apple and Lemon on clearance for $2 for a 4-pack. LOVE IT! Cleared their shelves…that’s only 50 cents a can you know!!!

  8. I tried my first Izze the day AFTER you posted this deal! I loved it, absolutely loved it. Then I kicked myself for not trying them sooner!

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