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By Mir
August 5, 2009

I had a reader send me a question about workout wear the other day, and before I knew it, I was waxing prosaic about Athleta, a company that makes workout gear just for women. But—I cautioned the asker—as nice as their stuff is, it tends to be pretty pricey. But then I went and checked, and it turns out that Athleta is having a huge sale right now, so I thought maybe that would be of general interest.

And because Athleta is now available as part of the Gap/Old Navy/Piperlime family, you can shop there and throw things in your communal cart when picking up cute shoes or back-to-school clothes for the kids or whatever. Which is kind of awesome.


  1. Thanks, Mir. I did check them out. You weren’t kidding about their priciness! Ouch. But they do have some very beautiful things! I don’t know if they’re worth those prices, though. I will keep scoping out my Marshall’s and TJ Maxx as well. Although maybe if I win the lottery I’ll try Athleta……Thanks again and have a great day!

  2. they have reversible swimsuits that are different than mall store suits and are AWESOME!

  3. Athleta is expensive, but the pieces I have from there are worth the extra money. They’ve held up really well and look great.

  4. I agree, Grace. I love Athleta. I only have three pieces from there but they’ve all lasted for years and still look good as new.

  5. That’s what I would say, too – expensive, but worth it. I have 3 year old yoga pants from Athleta that look brand new.

  6. Not only is Athleta expensive, but it all seems geared toward yoga. Where’s the real workout gear? I want bike shorts/skorts and hiking pants and performance tops (wicking fabric). I’ve not been impressed.

  7. Athleta does have alot of yoga stuff, but they have stuff for other sports. They have great hiking pants (love my Dipper pants – they last FOREVER) and most of their work out clothes are wicking.

    I got an email from them today and their summer sale just started.

  8. I have a friend who used to work for Athleta and she sent my sister and I yoga shirts that are so comfortable and breathable that I cannot ever give them up. During both my sister’s pregnancies, it was the only thing she wanted to wear for the last three weeks or so. Expensive but comfy.

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