Live action recording

By Mir
August 6, 2009

I hesitate to post this one, because I already live in the House Of Cameras, and I suspect if my husband sees this he’s going to want one, but if you’ve been looking for a waterproof action cam, here it is. For just $50 shipped you can immerse it in water, put it on your helmet, strap it to your bike… the possibilities are nearly endless. Decent reviews, too.

Come to think of it, I don’t think it’s my husband I have to be worried about. Please, no one show this to my son…. (Though how cool of a gift would this be for a teen who does extreme sports?)


  1. In my household, it would definitely be my husband who would want this. A few months ago he bought a trimaran sailing kayak to sail in the Gulf, and just this week he took my little Sony digital camera out with him and shot a video of what it looks like to literally sail into the sunset.

  2. My fiance has always wanted a camera to use while he rides his motorcycle, this is perfect! Thanks!

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