Book winners, and another way to win

By Mir
August 15, 2009
Category Contests

Hey, I never told you who all won the contest for David Rosenfelt books earlier this week. Sorry about that! As promised, we have six winners—a grand prize winner who will receive the entire Andy Carpenter series, and five runners-up who will get a brand-spanking-new copy of the latest installment, New Tricks.

Without further ado: Our big winner of the entire series is commenter 72, Tammy A.! The runners-up are Marly (129), Flossip (160), Diane S. (152), Beachgal (111), and Pat (97). Congratulations, winners! Please check your email!

Big thanks to all who played, and special thanks to Hachette Book Group for donating the prizes and keeping us in great reading material lately.

Feeling sad and blue because you didn’t win this one? Buck up, little camper! This weekend you can win a Joey Totes prize! That’s right, I’m giving away one Joey Set to a lucky Want Not reader. Not only are they reusable bags that smoosh down easily to throw in your purse, they’re machine washable, too. Love! I have a set of grocery bags I keep in my trunk, but I also keep a couple of these in my purse for random errands, and doing so has finally broken me of the plastic bag habit.

Want to win ’em? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, August 16th, 2009 to be entered. Winner to be determined by random number generation and commitment to saving the earth. Except that second one is totally subjective, so I guess we’ll stick to the random numbers.

Ready? Go!


  1. I NEED a Joey set!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooooh! that would be great! I just started using the grocery store reusable sacks and it’s the best. I’m becoming a convert. I would LOVE a Joey set.

  3. Need, need, need more reusable bags! (Maybe that way I could remember to bring them into the store with me!)

  4. I, too, need something like this to kick the plastic bag habit. Hope I win.

  5. Joey me!

  6. I would love a Joey set for my husband’s car. I keep all the reusable grocery bags in my car, and never remember to grab one when we take his car.

  7. Please enter me!

  8. I hope I win!

  9. My older reusable bags are fraying — pick me!

  10. I can always use more reusable bags!

  11. But can they break ME of the plastic bag habit?

  12. oh this would be grand

  13. Piiiiick meeeeeee!

  14. Oh, those are great shopping bags! I keep thinking I’m going to make some, but I never do.

  15. Thanks!

  16. Make a convert out of me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Those look super handy. Sign me up!

  18. Pick me!

  19. WHOOT! Pick me for the Joey bags! We’ve got lots of crap…erm…stuff to store!!

  20. Oh I needs me a set! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. I love my reusable shopping bags, but I have the hardest time getting them back in the car after a shopping trip. I’d love to have this set that I could keep in my purse to always have on hand!

  22. My New Year’s resolution was to use reusable grocery bags at least 1/2 the time. So far so good, but I could always use more bags. Thanks for a great (responsible!) contest. Oh, and PICK ME!

  23. I would love these!

  24. I am trying to remember to bring my reusable bags! Thanks!

  25. I need something I can carry in my purse because I’m always forgetting my reuseable bags at home.

  26. Another great giveaway!

  27. yay! thanks mir!

  28. Joey me!!!

  29. I’d love to win this set, our family needs more reusable bags! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  30. I have reusable bags in my car and am good about taking them to the grocery store, but I need help remembering to take them to other stores. These would be perfect!

  31. Pick me, pick me random generator!

  32. CONSTANTLY forgetting the bags I carry in the trunk is no fun. Please enter me with my thanks!

  33. The Joey bags sound great. You have the best give-aways! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. “Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm a human being trying to do something nice, and Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm neither omnipotent nor omniscient.”
    See? I read all the way to the bottom.

  35. Ohh these would be the best. I’m forever forgetting my bags!

  36. You mean I wouldn’t have a mess of reusable grocery bags all over the trunk?!

  37. we would love these at our house!!

  38. I’m all for saving the earth!!!

  39. Those look cool!

  40. These look great!

  41. Those look nice. Would like to win!

  42. These look great!

  43. Oooh, I could certainly use those!

  44. These are cool! Thanks!

  45. I’ll give it a shot. But without all those teeny plastic bags, what will I put in my little trash cans?

  46. Joey totes seem very cool.

  47. Cool!
    I love my Chico bags (can I say that?)! And I love the idea that 3 bags fit in one pouch.
    I would love to try them out.
    I got over using the little plastic bags. You make due. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I love my reusable bags! Count me in!

  49. Yep. Call me in!!

  50. Awesome! I’m just starting down this path and would love to win this!

  51. Fingers crossed for winning these. Seattle is looking at going to a twenty cents a bag plastic bag tax, and while I’ve got a set of bags of my own, I’d love a set of these to donate to low-income families who don’t have reusable bags.

  52. I’d say I’m at 50% success at remembering my bags vs. forgetting them at home when we go shopping–but 50% is better then 0, right? I’d LOVE some to just stick in my purse, great idea!

  53. Yay! another contest. I could really use these bags.

  54. I could really use this!

  55. Pick me, random number generator! Pick me!

  56. I’d love a set I could stick in my purse. I always forget mine!

  57. Love this! Thanks pretty!

  58. i am addicted to bags, pick me!

  59. Very handy to stick in the purse-One less thing to try to remember.

  60. I’ve just started to “go green” in life and would love these bags!

  61. I am all about recycling. Joey Totes are great!

  62. Very chic!

  63. I don’t have a Joey to tote, but I think I could still use these.

    Thanks, Mir!

  64. i have reusable bags in my car, but hubby could use a set for his truck too… thanks mir!

  65. Oh I need a tote! I really do, really.

  66. Please pick me!

  67. These sound great! Thanks!

  68. Cool!

  69. Yes, please! Pick me, pick me!

  70. Pick me! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  71. I pink puffy heart tote bags…

  72. You have no idea how much these would help.


  73. Interesting. I’m in!

  74. I am a total tote junkie. Seriously. Please feed my addiction… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Oooh… This one’s for me. Right, Mir? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Yes, please.

  77. Would love to win these! Thanks, Mir!

  78. Now I just have to remember to TAKE THEM INTO THE STORE.

  79. Sounds great!

  80. Ooh, this would be a great one! Thanks!

  81. I could totally use a few extra totes to keep with me. I’m really good about taking them to the grocery store, but always forget for quick errands or places like Target.

  82. Pretty please?

  83. Can one EVER have enough cloth bags!? I think not — I need more, more! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. puh.leeeese!

  85. Sunday is my 40th birthday. Would love to win a prize to make up for how much I don’t want to be 40! I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win tonight’s Powerball, so Joey totes would be a nice prize too!

  86. Machine washable! How great!

  87. oooh – pick me!!!!

  88. Pick Me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. Bags sound juicy. I want ’em. LOL!

  90. Those totes are fantastic! I love that you can get them in a larger size – very handy!

  91. I used to have a half-dozen string bags, and they would mash down to practically nothing yet hold more than most grocery bags. Unhappily, if you try to keep them in your purse, they snag on things and tear.

  92. I’d love this!

  93. Color me happy, Im in!

  94. You can never have too many reusable bags.

  95. I always have WAY too many plastic bags hanging around! I’d love these!

  96. The trick is remembering to bring them!

  97. Oooh, I definitely need these bags!

  98. I’d love one I can pop in my purse. Right now, we have some bigger, heavier-duty ones (that we LOVE), but I’d love to have one for small errands and that I’ll remember to bring out at the local farmers’ market when we go.


  99. This would be GREAT– perfect for groceries or emergency bags (always a must with little ones!).

  100. Count me in – these look fabulous!

  101. I’d love to win this!

  102. Maybe with one small enough to fit in my purse, I won’t always be forgetting my reusable bags in the car!

  103. I would certainly use these.. thanks

  104. Those are cool! Love that they’re washable.

  105. Love the idea of totes I can throw in my purse, would help with those sudden random errands.

  106. These sound nice. I would love to try them.

  107. Thanks Mir!

  108. Useful giftage.

  109. a great stocking stuffer??? or maybe for my purse !!!

    thanks Mir

  110. Yes, please!

  111. please – that would be fabulous!

  112. Oh, yes! Maybe THESE I could remember to store in the car.

  113. WOAH! I need these!

  114. I’m getting better at remembering bags for BIG stops, but these would be great for the places where I run in for just a couple items (forgetting my giant, bright orange Home Depot bags)!

  115. Pick me, please!

  116. Ooooh, count me in! Thanks – Jessica

  117. doesn’t take up much room in the diaper bag? maybe I could actually use these!

  118. OOHHHH! Cool!

  119. I would love these!!

  120. What a great idea!

  121. Very cool.

  122. This would definitely help break my plastic habit- pick me please!!!

  123. So cute, would love to give them to my mom. I carry a similar type in my purse and use them all the time.

  124. These look right up my alley! C’mon random number generator!

  125. I never knew until now, but I need a set of Joey bags in my life.

  126. These are so cool!

  127. I’d love to put a Joey in my pouch

  128. What a cool prize. Mir, you are the prettiest!

  129. I would love to have some bags to stick in my purse. These look great!

  130. Very cool bags…Count me in please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. My daughter would love me for this!

  132. I’d love to break the plastic bag habit. Thanks for another great contest!

  133. I would love some Joey bags!

  134. Fun!!!

  135. Maybe if I kept them in my purse, I’d remember to use them, too!

  136. Would be great

  137. You had me at “washable” I use the grocery store cloth bags for everything (usually its hard to find empty ones for shopping) but when I put them through the wash they ended up covered in fluff.

  138. these are awesome!

  139. I would love to try these out. So cool!

  140. Please enter me! Thanks!

  141. Thanks Mir!

  142. I’m all for NO MORE PLASTIC!

  143. I’m always forgetting my bags

  144. Those bags look fantastic!

  145. I’m in. I like the thought of being able to wash them.

  146. Sign me up!

  147. I’m in.

  148. I could use these!

  149. sounds cool!

  150. I am trying to be better at remembering to use reusable bags!

  151. These look so neat! Count me in…

  152. I’ve been trying to convert, but I always forget my bags in the car. This would be perfect!

  153. These would solve the problem of forgetting my reusable bags in the car !!

  154. fun giveaway!
    of course I keep meaning to make some bags but not getting around to it….

  155. As Kermit said, “It isn’t easy being green…” but we’re trying. this would make it a lot easier.

  156. I would like smooshable bags that would fit in my purse. I try to keep some in the trunk, but sometimes I forget to actually take them into the store with me.

  157. These look great!

  158. These sound as if they are nice. Pick me!

  159. Very cool!

  160. I’m very committed!

  161. Yeah! Thanks!

  162. These would come in so handy. I often take one bag into the store with me, but end up buying more than will fit in the bag. I can’t pass up a bargain. It’s even worse if my husband goes with me. We could take the three reusable bags we own and there still wouldn’t be enough room.

    I think with the Joey Totes he might even remember to take them along with him.

  163. I love that these are machine washable. I’d love to try them!

  164. Sounds great to me!

  165. These would be great! Thank you for having the giveaway!

  166. Pick me please…

  167. These sounds nice enough I might buy them even if I don’t win. But I’d still like to win :).

  168. Sounds great!

  169. Sounds perfect for the times I take my husband’s car and leave the other bags in mine.

  170. I would love reusable more bags to replace those plastic things!

  171. ooohhh, these would be great for my purse, as I always seem to forget my reusable bags in the van!

  172. I’d love those to pick up our veggies at our local farm.

  173. Awesome! I need bags that compact down more.

  174. I’d love to try them!

  175. I love, love, love totes I can keep in my purse!!

  176. I would love these for my purse!

  177. This would solve my habit of forgetting to bring the reusable bags. What a neat idea – long over due!

  178. niiiice!

  179. I love that these are small. Pick me please.

  180. never can have too many bags- right@

  181. Now that I teach environmental science, I probably should break the plastic bag habit as well…

  182. I almost missed this one…please pick me! (One of these days, I may actually win!)

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