Everything except Turtle Wax

By Mir
August 31, 2009

Do you remember those old late-night television commercials where they’d start off hawking one product, but it would quickly turn into a long string of “But wait—there’s more!”? Instead of just one item, you’d actually get two! And you’d also get a knife that easily slices through a tin can! And a year’s supply of Turtle Wax! But only if you act now!

Well, that’s kind of how it is with the pre-order of Guitar Hero 5 at Amazon right now.

You get the game, obviously. Guitar Hero 5 has 85 songs on it. Then you also get Guitar Hero Van Halen with it, which is an entire second game. But wait—there’s more! You’ll also get a $5 MP3 download credit and a $5 MP3 credit towards tracks on the game. And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a $10 video game credit towards a future purchase. So, basically, for your $60 you’re getting $120 worth of games, $10 worth of music, and $10 towards more video games.

All in all, I don’t think you’re going to miss the Turtle Wax.


  1. I just got my buy.com email and zoomed in on that same thing (Guitar Hero 5 with free Van Halen one). Glad I didn’t go ahead and buy it there!! Thanks, diligent Mir!

  2. My hubby is going to be very happy come Christmas time. Thanks for pointing this one out!

  3. sweetness, Mir! Now to decide which of the men in my house get it for Christmas… Jeff’s DS gave out, so he COULD get a new one of THOSE for Christmas, and then I give THIS to Brian… hmmm… think that just might work! 😉 Thanks!

  4. I’m holding out for The Beatles Rockband

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