Hey, September, gimme some grocery deals

By Mir
September 1, 2009

Ahhh, the start of a new month. Another chance to catch up. A new beginning. A new slew of Amazon Grocery Deals!

Yes, it’s probably wrong to get this excited about grocery specials. I’m okay with that.

Browsing through quickly, I’m seeing a few great bargains. If you enjoy real maple syrup (and really, it has ruined me for the fake stuff, but I reason that it’s price-comparable because you need so much less of the real stuff to get the same taste), check out the Coombs Family Farms products—save up to 50% off the already-reduced prices when you combine Subscribe & Save (15% off and free shipping) with coupon code BASCOM35 (35% off). I only ever buy my syrup from Amazon anymore; my local grocery store just can’t even come close to the sale prices here.

I’m also digging the deal on Mrs. May’s Trio Bars—40% off when you combine Subscribe & Save with 25% off coupon code MRSMTRO3. (These are gluten-free and vegan!) I picked up the variety pack, which came out to $.50/bar shipped after discounts. (Needless to say, I’m used to paying much more for all-natural, GF snacks.)

If this isn’t a great reason to embrace a new month, I don’t know what is.


  1. Not only is that an awesome price on the maple syrup, I was able to score some Grade B, which I haven’t even seen in any of the stores around here.

    My friends in New England are impressed that a Southern-ish girl like me even knew about the glories of Grade B syrup. I credit my knowledge to that geeky guy from Cook’s Illustrated. Thanks, guy who wears a bow tie in the kitchen. And thanks, Mir, for scouring the deals for us!

  2. Thanks, Mir! We’ve been meaning to switch over to the good stuff.

  3. Mir, dear,
    Now that you have me ADDICTED to Kashi, please be on the look out for some great grocery deals to feed my addiction. (Although I found the most awesome Kashi cereal Black Currant and Walnut..at Wal-Mart. Who knew!?)

  4. One for me, one as part of a Christmas gift (it’s never too early). Now, if you find some deals on chocolate…..that goes, 2 for me, one for a gift.

  5. I’m curious – did anyone buy the “Used” maple syrup?
    Not me, I got a bottle of the new stuff and I can’t wait!

    And I 2nd the hip hip hooray for Cook’s Illustrated!

  6. We get huge boxes of Mrs. May’s Trio bars at our Costco. They are SUCH a nice snack! I get the Kashi cereal that Corey Bishop refers to at Costco as well. But we are on the West coast, and man, Costco has MUCH better organic/natural selection over here!!

  7. Can someone walk me through the Subscribe and Save process? I tried it once and something went horribly awry!

  8. SCORE! Cheap organic B maple syrup!! Thank you!!

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