BPA-free + savings = BFF

By Mir
September 3, 2009

A few of you have mailed me about the recent SIGG debacle (namely, that SIGG claimed to be a safer, BPA-free water bottle option and it turns out that—surprise!—they contain BPA as well), and I, too, have been stewing over it. We own four SIGGs. I can’t quite bear the idea of just tossing them.

But my super-awesome colleagues at Cool Mom Picks have come to the rescue; go read all about how your SIGG bottles can be traded in for a discount on safer alternatives between now and September 14th. While I greatly appreciate the savings, I like it even more that this ensures our old bottles will be properly recycled, too.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Mir. Our pov is, don’t get mad…get discounts!

  2. I looked at the SIGGs when everyone was raving about them and saw that they are lined in plastic. I held out for stainless steel with no lining, and have been very happy with them.

  3. SIGG is also offering an exchange program where you mail them your old bottles (you have to pay shipping) and will get replacements with their new BPA-free liner. http://mysigg.com/bulletin/

  4. The bigbottleswap.com site is blocked by our WebSense filter for “potentially damaging content.” Windows users, be warned.

  5. I love our kleen kanteen water bottles – no plastic liner

  6. I was seduced by the colorful designs and the cute dome covers. Too bad. I knew the plastic lining wasn’t the best, but I had hoped for higher quality from SIGG. In any case, I will be sending in my old bottles and buying Kleen Kanteens. With the new sports cap they offer, I think we’ll be even happier with these than our SIGGs.

  7. I hated the SIGG’s I bought for my entire family back when all that BPA mess started, even before I heard that they hoodwinked everybody and the bottles had it all along. I do totally adore my Camelbak BPA Free Better Bottles though… they have a straw with an awesome bite valve and are just easier to drink out of and fill and just better all around.

  8. Okay, that does it. I’m headed for flylady.net for her stainless steel water bottles. (People rave about them.) I had my eye on SIGGs, but they can bite me. BPA trickery! Bah!

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