It’s an Uggstravaganza

By Mir
September 8, 2009

I know, I know—more shoes. I promise to stop talking about shoes for the rest of the day. Probably. Maybe. But listen, if you’ve ever wanted a pair of Uggs, today’s the day, or rather, this week’s the week. Because this week at they’re slashing prices on Uggs for the entire family.

The irony of writing about this on a day when the forecast high temperature is 90 degrees is not lost on me, I assure you. Still. Savings are savings, man.


  1. I hate that site! Everything is always out of stock. Is it just me? Please let me hear someone’s success story!

  2. I’ve been trying to place an order since 6:30AM!! The server keeps timing out and then emptying my shopping cart…! Of course, each time I go back, the shoes I want are sold out! You’re in luck if you have very small or big feet!! All boots and most shoes in sizes 8/8.5/9 are sold out!!!!

  3. Stock is running out really fast. I lost all my choices when I went to take a shower. Bummer

  4. I managed to get something cute from the Clarks sale, but this Ugg one was crazy-making. Everything was SHOWN in my size, but then not AVAILABLE. Finally I found one, and it took so long to load that it was gone by the time I was able to submit the order. Ah well. The perils of deal-hunting I guess…

  5. Kristi, you are not alone. I found one pair of the Uggs that was a boot (not a sandal or loafer) in my size. Seems you’ve got to get there first thing in the morning to get anything in your size.

  6. Add me to the list of folks who is frustrated with this site right now!! I’ve been trying for over an hour to add a pair of boots to my cart that it says is in stock but it’s not happening.

  7. I’m losing all my choices the second they go into the cart. : (

  8. well, that was aggravating

  9. OK – I just checked my e-mail and I now have 8 pairs of Uggs heading my way!! I don’t know how this happened…each time I tried to check out, the page took forever to load, the server timed out and my cart went empty. Guess I’ll believe the order confirm e-mail when I actually see the boots!!

  10. I’m with everyone else. “Hooray! Adorable cheap high-quality boots available in my size! Let’s just put them in the cart, and…AAARRRGHHH!!!”

    Over and over and over. *sigh* Wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

  11. Whoa, I’m sorry the site is being so problematic for everyone today. I suspect they really got swamped with this particular deal. My apologies!

  12. Not your fault, Mir! Just as you said, they are swamped by the great deals.

  13. Yeah, Mir–definitely not your fault! Just an ill-equipped website for a popular sale! 🙂

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