Another way to be Wii active

By Mir
September 22, 2009

Been looking for that Wii game that will whip you into shape? I am still recovering from a traumatic double dutch injury (ahem), but today’s Amazon Video Game Deal of the Day is EA Sports Active for the Wii for just $44 shipped.

If you’ve been considering a 30-day shred, this is built on a similar principle—30 days of 20-minute workouts. Use it with your Wii Fit balance board and proceed with having your behind kicked.

I’m actually tempted, though I feel like I need to finish honing my mad jump-roping skillz before I take on another game. Haaaaaa.


  1. This has fun mini games like kickboxing and baseball and basketball. Because it tracks your leg movements, it is super fun! It also has dancing!

  2. Have to say, I love it! Well worth the money. I don’t have Wii Fit, but you can do it without the balance board. Actually, not really even sure why you would need it…

  3. i actually just started the 30 day program last thursday and i’m loving it so far! i’m using it with the balance board and having a lot of fun while sweating… which is really, really rare. i recommmend. 🙂

  4. a) I do it and eat more
    b) I just buy it and don’t do it
    c)all of the above…

    Here’s hoping I can overcome my fat butt!

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