Don’t be Dopey

By Mir
October 5, 2009

Gather round, young’uns. Now, back in my day, when Disney movies came out, you could buy ’em on video cassette—yes, we had VCRs, can you imagine?—and then you could buy ’em later, too. But then they started this whole “Disney Vault” thing where movies get put away for seven years at a time, and that seems decidedly unmagical to me, but I am not in charge.

Anyway, they’re just re-releasing Snow White this week, and it’s been remastered and remixed and refantastic-ed, and now you can get the 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo set at Amazon for just $10! It’s listed at $19.99 and coupon code snowhite will take off another $10. The best part? You only need another $5.01 worth of stuff to get free Super Saver Shipping, because that works off of your pre-coupon total.

Grab it now, before they lock it away again. Or before the price goes up.


  1. I cannot freaking believe it’s been 7 years since I bought this. Ugh. Awesome deal though.

  2. FANTASTIC! thanks!

  3. As always, a huge THANKS for this great deal!!

  4. I don’t have a blu-ray player. Does it come with a regular dvd too or is the regular dvd on the blu-ray disk? If you can’t tell, I know nothing about blu-ray. I just know that I don’t have it.

  5. Jenn – it comes with both regular and BluRay discs.

  6. Thanks, Mir! I bought a few – it will make a great Christmas gift for some of the kids in our family.

  7. Wow, Mir, you are SO AWESOME! Thanks!

  8. okay, Mir – knower of all things does one find something for $5.01 on Amazon? I’m going to end up spending way to much to make the free shipping worth it.

  9. Sweet! I got a promo code for $5 of their Video-on-demand service, too. Snow White for $5? Can’t beat it. You are, as usual, the queen of everything.

  10. Awesome-thanks-I have Prime so 10 bucks for Snow White-Can’t be beat

  11. FANTASTIC! I scored the Snow White and the Sports Illustrated for kids that you posted this morning plus another toy I had my eye on for Christmas…It was cheaper on amazon than walmart! Thanks Mir, you’re looking ever so pretty this evening!!

  12. Good deal. Now, here’s a pretty, shiny apple for you!

  13. Thanks, Mir Good Deal.

    I bought a childrens book for my son for the extra $5.01

  14. One Christmas gift down…

  15. thanks for that!!

  16. It just so happens that I have a $10 GC to Amazon sitting happily in my email, waiting for me to use it. Christmas present, here we come! Yay! Thanks for the heads-up!

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