Sneaky superfood

By Mir
October 6, 2009

In a world where real, wholesome, organic foods are expensive—and most of us are on tight budgets—I’m always looking for foods with the best nutrition to cost ratio.

My latest love is salba (yes, they’re chia seeds, as in Chia Pets), because it’s incredibly nutrient-rich and amenable to hiding in everything from fruit smoothies to muffins.

I’ve been buying the white variety, but given the excellent price on the Navitas Naturals salba currently at Amazon (just $11.50 a pound, delivered, with Subscribe & Save), I’m going to try the black ones, next. For reference: I make my kids smoothies every school morning, and our last pound of salba lasted over two months. Excellent bang for the buck, in other words.

The best part? It’s gluten-free and the ground seeds bind together in liquid—that means it makes excellent flour replacement for things like pancakes if you’re living in GF land.


  1. Interesting. So, do you just blend them as the whole seed with the other smoothie ingredients or do you grind them into a powder first? I assume it’s sort of like adding flax seed to stuff?

    Thanks for the info!

  2. I put them in whole, because they soften considerably and the kids don’t mind the texture. (Think about the small amount of “grit” you get in a smoothie that has strawberries or raspberries in it. This is similar.)

    Salba appears to be nutritionally superior to flax, although we actually eat them both, but I don’t like the consistency of flax in a smoothie.

  3. But you can get TWO pounds for 15.95 from another seller (fulfilled by Amazon, so eligible for Super saver shipping) – I just ordered 3 days ago. Oh, but I see. You got free shipping without adding things to your order. I had other things in my cart so I got free super saver shipping, but the Sub&Save gave you free shipping without that.

    I could go on and on about chia, seriously.

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