If all they want for Christmas is new tunes

By Mir
October 12, 2009

Teenagers. I don’t have any yet (have a couple more years, thank goodness), but I hear they’re completely incorrigible. Thank goodness I was never one! (Uhhh… wait….)

Most teens I know consider cash the very best gift possible, but second to that, they’ll take an iTunes card. Know anyone like that? If you do, allow me to make your holiday shopping a snap: Right now you can pick up a $50 iTunes card at Best Buy for just $40 shipped. It’s currently back-ordered, but you’ve got some time before you need it, right?

And, uh, if you’re looking for stocking stuffers? My guess is that any store would be happy to exchange your $50 card for 5 $10 ones if you ask nicely.


  1. Its not back ordered if you get one of the other two besides the one that has a picture displayed. There are two without pictures, holiday cards, that ship out next day.

  2. You are incredibly pretty. Thank you.

  3. You are glorious. And very pretty. Just nabbed 3 of them.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Shopping for my college-aged sister is now complete. Yay for discount Christmas gifts!

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