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By Mir
October 19, 2009

Full disclosure: I am not a Crafty Person. I cannot draw a straight line, my children’s scrapbooks consist of empty books with piles of photos shoved inside of them, and whenever I attempt to do even the simplest crafting activity it doesn’t end well. I know this about myself.

Nevertheless, I find myself tempted by this Xyron Value Pack, which not only comes with scrapbook pages (that I’d probably never use) but also a Creative Station machine that can transform virtually anything into a sticker or magnet. Or just laminate to keep treasured papers lasting longer. You have to admit it’s a pretty sweet machine even if you don’t scrapbook.

Under $16 shipped (with that spiffy new Prime subscription you got last week) makes it a fantastic deal, and I can think of quite a few tween/teen girls who would find this an awesome gift just for making whatever it is they make. (I don’t ask. It just seems safer, that way.)


  1. 1. I don’t scrapbook, and I don’t even like the way finished scrapbooks look, not that I would ever finish one myself so who am I to criticize.

    2. I love all scrapbook-related supplies and have to FIGHT MYSELF not to buy them ALL, especially on good deals.

  2. I scrap, and I HAD two Xyron machines. I ended up selling one at a yard sale, as I discovered that I didn’t use it much, and felt like it was wasting adhesive (I used to cut photo splits (a form of adhesive) in half to get the most out of them, lol – read: CHEAP!). I kept the smaller “X” machine in order to put adhesive on letters and smaller things, but still don’t use it often. It IS, however, a GREAT deal. Just sayin’.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up! My daughter has just started a (what’s pre-G*rl Sc*ut? Da*sy’s?) and this looks like something that she may get some use out of. Hope so anyway!

  4. so, the quandry begins. do i snatch up this great deal now? or do i wait for the onslaught of others to come? it’s only october, for heaven’s sake! 🙂

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