Little people like Hanukkah, too

By Mir
November 11, 2009

Okay, so on the heels of the last post I feel compelled to share this one, as well. Alert commenter Traci pointed out a deal at Toys ‘R’ Us that turns out to be a similar (but different) item, but that led to me discovering that Toys ‘R’ Us does have a great deal on the Fisher Price Little People Hanukkah set, currently available for $30 with free shipping. (It’s $40+ with shipping, currently, at Amazon).

It’s also eligible for a free bonus Santa keychain…

… because that’s not weird, when you’re buying a Hanukkah set….


  1. No weirder than when the movie An American Tail came out (about a Russian Jewish mouse family emigrating to America) and MacDonald’s offered Fieval Christmas ornaments.

    Or when I ordered an LED menorah from Think Geek and they sent a Christmas tree instead because they were out of the menorahs.

  2. hahahahahahahahahah!

  3. I really dig this little set- kinda wishing I was Jewish right now! Something about Little People with yarmulkes…

  4. LOL…only in the US of A 😉

  5. Just looked at it…what a cute set. Man! I sure miss the days of Little People! (tearing up, now) lol

  6. HA! Thanks for the menorah story, Karen…I needed that laugh!

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