I will use it by the pool, I will use it like a fool

By Mir
November 17, 2009

I love cordless phones because they’re so convenient and because I’m clumsy enough that a phone with a cord is an invitation to disaster, for me. But I hate cordless phones because occasionally I can’t find any of them, on account of my children have left them all in a pile in a bathroom, or something. I also sometimes hate them because they tend to die spectacularly, and then we’re stuck using our lone corded phone until I replace all of them.

Anyway, a while back I replaced our set with one a lot like this Uniden DECT cordless answering system currently on sale for $60 at Buy.com. Mine isn’t exactly the same, but I do have that same waterproof handset it comes with, and it is my very favorite part. I can take it outside by the pool or I can have it out in the driveway while washing a car or I can put it next to the bathtub without worrying that if I drop it in my bathwater I’ll have an embarrassing obituary. (“Beloved wife, mother, bargain-hunter. But kind of a moron.”)

For reference, the waterproof handset alone goes for $40-$60 at Amazon, so $60 for an answering machine and four handsets is a great deal.

Plus that whole thing where you don’t electrocute yourself in the tub. Really, can you put a price on that?


  1. I don’t need a handset for a phone on account of not having a landline and all of that — but I wanted you to know that I was merrily reading along until I seriously snorted coffee (Pumpkin Spice Latte if you must know) at the “but kind of a moron” obit.

    thanks for the smile this morning, pretty Mir. I needed it. 🙂

  2. Well, I’d think it could only electrocute you as powerfully as it batteries can hold a charge . . . maybe like licking a 9-volt? Not that I’ve ever done that. 😉

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