You could sleep in on Friday

By Mir
November 23, 2009

If you’ve been around here for a year or more, you know my philosophy about shopping on Black Friday; namely, there’s never going to be anything I want so badly I’m willing to get up at 4:00 a.m. and leave the house and fight the crowds to get. Not going to happen. There will be lots of online deals, and I plan to enjoy shopping on Black Friday the same way I do the rest of the year—here at the computer, in my pajamas, as God intended.

Anyway, one of the items I know some folks will gear up and head out in the wee hours to nab is a deal on the Nintendo DSi. I’ve seen a few leaked Black Friday ads and yes, it’s a hot item you’ll be seeing at multiple stores. If you or your kid has your heart set on one, you don’t necessarily have to leave the house.

Right now you can pre-order a Nintendo DSi Mario bundle from Amazon for $155 shipped. That includes the console and five different Mario game titles, and it’s $15 cheaper than I’ve seen the same bundle listed on various Black Friday in-store deals. [Edited to add: The Mario bundle comes with the blue one. The white one comes with a Brain Age bundle, if you’d rather!]

So you can pocket that money in your bathrobe, and stay home. You’re welcome!


  1. It’s always nice to shop from the comfort of my bathrobe, but payday is Friday and gift exchange is Saturday. I’m afraid I’ll be in the thick of it Friday morning! Woohoo! Adrenaline rush! The only time of year I enjoy shopping, because it’s a full body contact sport.

  2. I’m going to be looking for a sewing machine. I don’t think I can face the early crowds. Nuh-uh. Maybe a Monday special online instead….

  3. Thanks, Mir. This was just the thing my son had been wanting from Santa … I’d been checking prices and this one’s great!

  4. amen sista! 🙂

  5. I kinda love the getting up early, getting the best deal thing. I mean. I love the computer shopping as well, but there’s just something about Black Friday…

  6. I’m with you, Mir. Even in the days when we HAD money to spend, I didn’t fight the crowds on Black Friday. 🙂

    If you happen to see a great deal on Band Hero, please post, ok? It’s one of the few things on Sydney’s list, this year (besides a new MacBook Pro…and, unfortunately, there are NO super deals on Apple products 🙁 The disadvantage of using the best, I suppose) 😉

  7. ToysRUs apparently has a hot deal on an 8GB Ipod Nano today. My husband found a coupon online for $25 off plus a $10 gift card when you purchase a 5th generation Ipod. Try this address: or just google up toysrus Ipon coupon. In stores only, today only, so go early!

  8. whoops. google toysrus Ipod coupon, not Ipon! It’s early here…

  9. My 8 year old desperately wants the pink DS lite. I haven’t pushed the DSi since it’s more expensive, she already has a camera, and I’m not sure I’m ready for her to have internet access w/o supervision…are there reasons to go for the DSi that I’m missing? If not, Mir, please let us know if you run across any DS lite deals.

  10. I love you!!!! This will take a lot of stress off at about 5:00 Friday morning.

  11. Lainie – If you hurry they pink DS Lite is on the Black Friday Amazon sale for $97.98.

  12. My son actually wants a DS Lite, as opposed to a DSI. Apparently, Gameboy games are not playable on the DSI (as they are on the Lite) and also Action Replay does not work with DSI. I’m hoping there will also be DS Lite Black Friday sales!

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