It may be time to convert

By Mir
November 25, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I convert over to “new” technology pretty slowly, as I generally require that the predecessor die a spectacular death before I replace it. This is why we don’t own a fancy flat-screen TV, and why I felt lucky to get a refurbished first-generation iPhone and still have it despite everyone else’s iPhones now making mine look old and clunky. Sigh.

Anyway, this is to say that Yes, Virginia, we’re still using a conventional DVD player. But today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal is a near-five-star LG Blu-ray player for just under $100, and I’m wavering in my resolve to wait for the current DVD player to break. Ahem.

Oh, wait. My husband says he thinks we need a HDTV for this baby. Hmph. Okay, maybe it’s not for us. But perhaps it’s for you. Also, can I come over on movie night? I’ll bring the popcorn!


  1. Hm. . . I could go for that deal. The 16 hour drive between your place and mine won’t slow you down, right? Meanwhile, would Otto care to share his knowledge about whether we can play the new Blu-ray offerings on our old DVD players? Will they play but just with less clarity? Or not at all? (See, we have a lot to discuss over popcorn.)

  2. To me, a tv was always just a tv. Then my BIL and SIL got an flat screen. And for the first time in my life I had TV envy. Oh yeah, and this is from someone who watches about 5 hours of tv a year. This amuses DH to no end, who, in complete role reversal insists he is fine with the 36″ tv we have and has no desire for a new tv.

  3. I still have my first gen iPhone…bought it on DAY 1…the minute they went on sale. I’m sort of attached to it. It’s still going strong…what was that about battery life worries??? lol

    On topic, though…we have a PS3 that will play BluRay…but, honestly, we just never rent or buy movies anymore. We either rent on our Apple TV or buy the digital version, if it’s something we want to watch more than once.

    Watch it with the “need a HDTV”…then, you’ll “need” the “extra cost” HD cable channels, because, what good is a HDTV, if you don’t have HD Television programs??? It’s a conspiricy, I tell you!!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I picked one up… I was (sort of) considering heading to Walmart for their $78 BF Blu-ray player, but for $12 more, I will avoid that whole mess! (It’s an extra $10 off if you use your Discover card!)

    Oh, and @Stephanie, HD channels don’t cost “extra” here, provided you have the digital cable!

  5. Since we can’t afford to replace all our media whenever the technology changes, we still have our VHS player, cassette player, and record player too. Now, where’s my Victrola?

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