Full-size photo printer ahoy

By Mir
November 27, 2009

In the market for a photo printer? How does a Canon PIXMA MP490 for $30 shipped grab you? (It should grab you firmly, but gently.) (Okay, that was a little disturbing. Nevermind.)

Free shipping on any order at Office Depot, right now, and you’re not going to beat $30 for that printer. The reduced price at Amazon is $50.

[Not that I don’t love Amazon. Why, I am right now stalking the upcoming Lightning Deal on a laser tag set. Just saying this particular printer deal at Office Depot would be tough to beat.]


  1. Dude, I got the printer for 30 bucks. Awesome. You ARE pretty. 😉

  2. Thanks, Mir! My printer is getting old and fussy…this fits my needs perfectly and you can’t beat that price!

  3. When I went to the site, it said that the product was only available in stores, so no shipping – free or otherwise. BUT… I was dragging myself out to Target to pick up my $13 “Up” DVD anyway & Office Depot is across the parking lot. Our store had a large pile of the printers still available. All’s well that ends well. Thanks Mir! 🙂

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