Be a Band Hero

By Mir
November 28, 2009

Personally, I think that video where we’re supposed to believe Taylor Swift is unattractive because she’s wearing glasses with lenses the size of dinner plates is pretty absurd, but nevertheless, Band Hero for the Wii seems to be a hot item this season. Because the kids like Taylor Swift. And because they won’t stay off my lawn. Or something.

Right now Amazon has the Band Hero Super Bundle for $150 shipped and the Band Hero standalone software for $49. That beats any of the Black Friday prices I saw, actually, so a great deal if you’ve been looking for these.

Taylor Swift’s ugly-girl glasses sold separately.


  1. That seems to be standard for a lot of things:

    1. To make the girl ugly, put ugly glasses on the girl and pull her hair back (or mess it up a lot while it’s down.)

    2. Find a cute boy to be interested in her for nefarious purposes.

    3. Give the girl contacts and pull her hair down (or put it in a very nice up-do). Put on a bit of natural-looking makeup.

    4. Boy arrives and is speechless. He likes the ugly girl! Because she’s no longer ugly! Because her bone structure and facial features make no difference, only her glasses and hair! 😉

    5. Boy deals with teasing from friends until girl becomes insanely popular.

    6. They ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

    (I haven’t seen the video, though, so forgive me if it doesn’t follow the formula exactly…)

  2. Okay, having seen the video now, I have to hit myself upside the head for not mentioning the “girl next door” scenario. I love how the girl next door is all in white and angelic while the ex-girlfriend (see, bone structure and facial features do make no difference! It’s all the glasses and hair!) is in a red, revealing, devilish outfit. I see what they did there, with all the symbolism and stuff.

  3. Thanks, Mir! I was able to cancel the order I placed, this morning, and ordered the (gulp) $150 set with drums, guitar, etc. I just keep saying to myself…she’s been such a good girl, this year…she’s been such a good girl, this year…….

    Thanks again, for the head’s up on this.


  4. Jess – I don’t know if you realize, but BOTH of those girls are Taylor Swift… So, yeah, your hypothesis holds true!

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