I miss price adjustments

By Mir
December 7, 2009

Remember back when Amazon would do nearly limitless price adjustments when the price dropped on something? Man, those were the days.

If you’re in the market for a plasma TV, you might want to check out this 50″ Panasonic VEIRA, which is currently $670 with free shipping.

Which is a pretty killer deal on a big set with great reviews.

Which is also $30 cheaper than it was on Black Friday.

Which is making me feel a wee bit bitter right now. Ahem.


  1. **growling**

  2. I hear ya on that.

    On the flip side, I needed a new camera lens and felt it couldn’t wait until I could afford the lens of my dreams. After some research, I picked out my lens and Amazon had by far the best price I could find at $145. I put it in my cart but decided to sleep on it before purchasing. Of course the next morning it was $159 and on principal I refused to buy it, but left in languishing in my cart. Yesterday when I opened my cart I discovered a price of $122 — and bought it. I feel like I won on the slots in Vegas!

  3. I do like that when things are in your cart and you check your cart you can see price changes.

  4. if it makes you feel any better, it’s back up to the black friday price. 🙂

  5. I didn’t know that about leaving items in the cart! Thanks for the tip, ladies!

  6. I still email Amazon every now and then, and they price adjust for me. 🙂 I got them to give me $17 back for a camera that I bought on Black Friday this year.

  7. Now I find out that my sister (who my DH has in the family draw) wants a GPS. GAH! After all those deals you posted and I ignored because no one wanted one. Now I have that panicky feeling in my stomach.

  8. They’ve adjusted the price for me every time I’ve asked! I only ask if it’s more than 10 or 20 bucks and I’ve always gotten a yes!

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