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By Mir
December 10, 2009
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(Okay, I lied. This post not brought to you by all twelve pounds of my pooch, but through the magic of future-dating an entry.)

Through December 13th, 2009, buy up to 50 pounds worth of stuff at PetFoodDirect and ship it all for free with code PET3710A. It’s a great way to avoid lugging bags of food home from the store.

Do watch the prices, of course; I find they’re very competitive on some things, overpriced on others.

(Licorice finds that pig ears are delicious. She wanted me to mention that.)


  1. Mir – I tried using the free shipping code, and it wouldn’t work for me. I tried both the number 0 and the letter O. Bummer – it’s a great price on the dogfood, but I am not going to spend over $20 on the shipping. What gives?

  2. I tried to use this too, great price on the food we feed our dog, and I would have loved to have it delivered to my door, as the nearest pet food store is about 35 min drive from my house in the country. But…. You have to spend over 100$, and keep the weight below 50lbs. Even the largest bag of pricey food is only 45$

  3. Sorry, ladies—looks like this one was changed after the fact to be valid only on $100+.

    FWIW, the food we use (Orijen, which is a 6-star grain-free kibble) is around $60 for a 30-pound package. If our dog was bigger I’d go ahead, but as it is it takes her quite a while to get through the big bag!

  4. Definitely watch the prices. The brand of catfood I buy is about $28 for 20 lbs. at the store. This site charges $40.99! Yowza!

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