Never get lost again

By Mir
December 14, 2009

Still looking for the perfect GPS unit? Today’s your day! For the next six hours, Amazon is having a GPS Blowout Sale, which means the one you want is bound to come up at a reduced price.

If you’re a newbie GPS buyer, let me offer one suggestion: Get one with text-to-speech. We have one that has TTS and one that does not, and when the TTS ones were much more expensive it made sense to go without in the name of cheapness… but I really do like the other one so much more, and the prices have dropped to where the difference really isn’t all that much.

Sure, it pronounces some streets kind of weirdly, but it’s very helpful when there’s a lot of turns close together. Then again, I’m severely navigationally impaired, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me at all. Heh.


  1. Woo Hoo! You rock, Mir. I have been looking for that exact Tom Tom for my teenager for Christmas. Now my shopping is done!!

  2. I’m a traveling trainer in my professional life: if it weren’t for the Text-To-Speech, I might STILL be roaming around in the wilds of Boston. My last visit there was in July.

    IT’S WORTH IT!!! [yelling off]

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