No need to thank me

By Mir
December 15, 2009

Every year I think about buying my husband one of those charging valet thingies. You know what I mean—it has slots for your various devices (and maybe a few extra spaces for things like your watch and/or pocket change) and it keeps all the cords tidy while you plug everything in.

Every year I start looking before the holidays and every year I say the same thing: $30 or $40 for a hunk of wood? Nevermind!

So of course it figures that I have declared myself Done Shopping and now one of the Target Daily Deals is a deluxe mahogany charging station for just $13 shipped.

It’s like the universe is taunting me, people.

(Or like I really need a cup of coffee. Either way.)


  1. We actually have one (was a gift) and never use it. It just doesn’t look right any of the places that would be convenient to have chargers.

  2. Dumb question but is this just a place to lay them while they are being charged or is there a power source?

  3. We have one, and it’s convenient to always know where the chargers are, but it takes up a lot of space.

    Em – it’s basically a way to corral the chargers into one place for charging. Ours has a small power strip inside the back where you plug in the chargers, then you just run the cords up to the top and plug the phone/etc into it there. The problem we’ve run into is that the power strip is too small/cramped to fit those big wall-wart plugs into.

  4. I look at these every year too!
    And now my husband picked out a techie variation (it plugs in along with something to connect to the thing that all our music will soon be scanned to, I haven’t tried to understand it).

  5. I suggested that my MIL get one for my husband two years ago, and she did, and he uses it. BUT. He finds it very annoying when we leave town, because it’s sort of a pain to disentangle the cords from the valet before we leave (to take the chargers with us) and then set them back up again once we return.

    Ultimately, I’d say it’s a wash.

  6. Excellent! we have been needing one of these for some time now.

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