Mmmmm. . . pancakes and stuff

By Mir
January 11, 2010

I have breakfast on the brain. (Yes, even though I already ate. Shut it.) When I went grocery shopping yesterday I found myself annoyed over the prices of several items we like but that seem to always be marked way up at the supermarket.

It took me about five minutes on Amazon to find all the stuff we like for less.

First of all, if you like fancy-schmancy pancakes but want the ease of a boxed mix, don’t miss the sale on Heidi’s Cottage Classic pancake mixes happening right now. They’re already 23% off, then coupon code HEIDO384 gives you another 30% off, and the end result is gourmet mix for about $2/box.

Of course, if—like me—you’re avoiding wheat, you’ll need your own pancakes while the rest of your family heartlessly enjoys wheat in front of you. (Not that I’m bitter….) In that case, Amazon has Pamela’s Baking Mix (the best gluten-free mix available, in my opinion) available on a discount, and eligible for Subscribe & Save (which gives you another 15% off and free shipping). I just got 6 sacks for $28.77 shipped, which is about half what my supermarket charges.

Finally, we’re big fans of all things Kashi ’round here, and right now Amazon is offering a special on select Kashi cereals and bars: Spend $49+ and you’ll get an automatic $15 discount at checkout. This is my least favorite kind of discount, because sometimes it takes a bit of finagling to find the right combination to hit that magical $49 mark, but it’s still worth doing if your family goes through their products at the rate mine does.

And now I’m hungry again.


  1. OOooo…I totally agree about Pamela’s. I think it tastes BETTER than any other pancake mix–GF or not! And it makes REALLY REALLY good banana bread too, for what it’s worth. 🙂 Those bags you bought on Amazon–they’re probably the 1 lb (ish) bags, right? Not the 4 pounders, eh?

  2. Angie D, I went looking for the four pounders and the three pack of them is $34 with the s&s discount. So instead of .199/oz it is .177/oz. Once I started actually using the mix (I bought 3-4lb bags a few months back) I loved it. I make a quadruple batch (each batch makes 6) of fruit muffins every few weeks. I also use it in corn bread. Great stuff!

  3. And if you’re tracking prices I checked my previous order and last 3/19/09 it was $32 instead of $34, so its gone up $2 this year.

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