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By Mir
January 21, 2010

So you finally got that Nuvi or TomTom you’d been coveting over the holidays. Hooray! Now you’ve had it just long enough to discover that it’s really inconvenient to try to attach that suction cup thing to your windshield, or that on cold days it falls right off.

It turns out that a GPS unit isn’t all that useful when it’s rolling around on the floor of your car. True story.

What you need is a handy dashboard mount. I have one in my car and I whisper sweet nothings to it when no one is looking. My husband likes it so much that Santa brought him one, too. Long live the dashboard mount! No more craning to reach the bottom of the windshield, no more *thunk* as the GPS clatters off when I go around a sharp turn. Bliss.

Today you can snap up the Sticky Pad dash mount from for just $10 shipped, and it’ll work with any GPS unit you own. It works via friction, which means you can move it from car to car and it doesn’t leave any marks or residue. What’s more, the nubby surface doubles as a place to set your cell phone or PDA and keep it stationary while you drive. It’s a twofer! (For reference: It’s only $3 more at Amazon, but you won’t get free shipping if you don’t have Prime. Great reviews over there, though.)

Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


  1. It’s $10 shipping with 1 or $20 total. If you buy 2 there is no shipping charge or $20 total. The same price…wow…good deal. thanks..

  2. Thanks Mir! Just picked one up for my hubby who is starting a new sales job. He’ll love it!

  3. If it’s at all lighter than my wonderful bean bag-style dashboard mount, that $10 will pay for itself in one trip!

  4. thanks, just got 2 !!

  5. I am so happy to learn that I am not alone in losing the GPS on the floor. I usually keep my GPS in the middle and take it out, plug it in when I need it. I am going to try this!

  6. Very cool! I just ordered 2, for myself and a friend. Thanks!

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