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By Mir
January 27, 2010

In the discussions of the Very Best Flat Iron, I of course am an advocate for GHD, because that’s the brand I own (heh). But the brand I hear most often is the Farouk CHI—if nothing else, it seems to be the best-known salon-brand when it comes to flat irons.

And the one model that absolutely fascinates me is the wet-to-dry CHI, which allows you to iron wet hair to dryness. It seems impossible to me, but skipping that blow-drying step must be pretty sweet.

Anyway, if you follow the above link you’ll see the iron offered through an Amazon seller for $95. But if you check the right-hand “More Buying Choices” column? You’ll see it offered directly by Amazon for just $50! (The free stand and pouch you get with it are valued at $50, so it’s like getting the iron for free.) It’s listed as currently out of stock and will ship when available, which may mean it’s a price mistake and orders will be canceled, or it may mean you’ll get really, really lucky. Hard to know. But $50 for a CHI? That’s just crazytalk.


  1. Wow. If you’d posted this deal two months ago, when my old flat iron died, I would have jumped on it. Instead I bought a wet-to-dry Conair on super sale at Walgreens, and I’ve got to give the wet-to-dry concept a big thumbs up.

    Since I obtained the wet-to-dry iron, I’ve developed a somewhat odd hairstyling ritual. I shower at night, let my hair dry a little bit while wrapped in a towel, and then I sit in front of the TV and iron my hair. It takes me about 15 minutes to iron-dry my chin length hair. Then in the morning, all I have to do is run a brush through my hair, which is FABULOUS, because that’s about all the energy I can muster for my hair in the morning. And since I only wash my hair every other day, I get two days of good hair out of it.

    Buy the iron, is what I’m saying.

  2. I hope they honor this because, WOW. BTW you are pretty even if they don’t honor it!

  3. I had been trying to talk myself into buying a GHD, but I’ll try this for the price first (if I actually get it). Thanks.

  4. I own a regular CHI and I absolutely LOVE it. For $50 I’m definitely picking up one of these wet-to-dry ones too! Thanks

  5. I own both a GHD and a CHI (also a BaByliss). The GHD is by far the best of the three (my GHD was $160, my Chi was $64, and my BaByliss was around $65) however I do use them all. The GHD stays with me, the BaByliss at my inlaws and the Chi at my own parents. However I never recommend anyone spends nearly $300 on flat irons 😉

    (My Chi was my normal use one then I went abroad and it didn’t work so I bought the BaByliss in a fit of “what do I do now?!” and it works quite well. However I always wanted a GHD and took the plunge. A plus too – the GHDs work both in the UK and the US. Well, so does the BaByliss but not as well.. My sister-in-laws and mother-in-law also swear by GHDs and seeing as they have Iranian hair and I have fair obviously-Scandinavian-by-descent hair and it works well on all of us I recommend it wholeheartedly.)

    Wow. I just wrote more on flat irons than I do on anything else…

  6. I’ve heard that Chi won’t honor a warranty on an iron that isn’t purchased at a salon retailer. Anyone know anything about that?

  7. I don’t need a flat-iron but I am in the market for a new blow-dryer. I have had an Elchim for 3 or 4 years, any ideas where to get a good deal on that? Thanks!

  8. Up to $76 now, bummer. Still better than list, though not as good as $50!

  9. I need a new hair dryer as well….

  10. Darn, I missed it. As a curly haired Mama, I would have loved this!

  11. I got in at $50 this morning and just received notification that they cancelled it : ( Oh well, it was worth a shot!

  12. Yep, my order was cancelled, too. 🙁

  13. Me three – cancelled – pooo!

  14. Boooo, just got notification it was cancelled. Rats, too good to be true!

  15. Easy come, easy go…

  16. I also have a wet-to-dry iron (Conair) that I LOVE, works like a dream, and I know I didn’t pay more than $30 at Meijer last year. But since my hair has grown to ridiculously long, it’s like 30 minutes to straighten it, so most of the time it’s just wash and go with the crazy, frizzed out look..more representative of me, actually..

  17. My stylist just started using a VibraStraight – there’s a slight vibration in the iron so it lessens tugging on the hair.

    Plus, I can tell people I get my hair vibrated – HA!

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