Time to get your tunes on

By Mir
February 4, 2010

If you just couldn’t swing a new MP3 player this holiday season, but saving your pennies (and maybe even getting a tax refund already, you early bird, you) has put you in a better place, I have good news: Right now Amazon is having a big iPod sale on 2008 models, where you can save up to 35% on a 4th gen Nano, 2nd gen iTouch, or accessories.

Maybe you want to hold out for a 2010 model, but personally I’d rather save the cash than have the supposed latest and greatest. Then again, I have a “regular” iPod from 2006, so I clearly have my own biases. And am not particularly proud.


  1. And if you do want the latest and greatest model, you can always check out the refurbished products from the Apple store. My sons have bought theirs there and you can’t tell they aren’t brand new!

    Meanwhile, I’m with Mir. I’m quite happy with my old, non-video-playing iPod (probably from about the same vintage).

  2. Still rockin’ my 2005 Ipod. Glad to know it’s not just me!

  3. I also recommend the Apple refurbished store. They replace the outer shell (and battery and earbuds), so you really can’t tell that it was ever “used”. I just bought a 1st gen Shuffle to use while exercising. $40 with free shipping. Couldn’t beat it.

  4. I’m with you on not needing to have the newest technology!

    My husband has a co-worker who always has to have the “latest and greatest” in iPod technology. Guess who benefits from this? We’ve bought 1 iPod Mini (2005?), 1 regular iPod (2005), 1 Nano (2007) and 2 video iPods (2007 and 2008)from this guy, all for the cost of less than one iPod from the Apple store.

    Now if only my 11 year old daughter was as thrilled with her 2008 Nano (purchased new as a gift)… All of her friends (allegedly) have brand new iTouches and she feels SOOOOO uncool because her iPod is so ANCIENT! *eyeroll*

  5. I still have my shuffle from 3 years ago. And the original earbuds. However, the hubs has been eying the new iTouch. And my Daughter has been complaining her shuffle doesn’t have enough memory. I may just check out the sale…….

  6. We’re the type that WOULD have our refund already, but all the folks who owe us 1099s say they now have until 2/15 to give them to us. Shouldn’t that mean the filing deadline should be extended to the end of April, then? Not that I’d wait that long.

  7. Brigitte…afraid “the folks” are lying…the deadline for mailing out 1099’s was Feb 1st.

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