Don’t tell!

By Mir
February 16, 2010

It’ll just be our little secret that I popped up the Target Daily Deals today and nearly squealed to see the peace sign tee-and-tote combo, as my daughter will positively swoon to receive such a gift, and I will pretend I paid a lot more than $5 for it. (Oh, wait. Coupon code URTYJLI8 is still working! $4.50!)

She’ll think I’m a super cool mom, but we’ll know the truth. I’m still a penny-pincher who never buys her anything she wants. Except for this, of course.


  1. Here’s hoping my college age sister will like it…but for the price, I’ll take a chance!

  2. I’m in for 2!

  3. Yup. . . I have a t-shirt/bag combo coming for a 13-year-old who will think I’m a great Mom. Not getting my hopes up. . . that lovin’ feeling will be fleeting. I’ll be back to my dork status in no time! MKW

  4. What a deal! I got one for my daughter and one for the gift closet.

  5. Uh oh, now I’m thinking I bought the wrong size. I was thinking it was a kid size so I got XL – what’s a Jr size? More like Misses?

  6. Thanks, Mir! A fun gift for my neice. Kathy, I think the Jr sizing is a slimmer cut? Not too sure. I got an XL for my 13 yo (tall) neice.

  7. Great deal! Now, is the free shipping only if you buy $50 worth of daily deal stuff?

  8. Becky: Daily Deal stuff always ships for free, no need to get to a minimum amount. The free shipping on $50 applies to clothing that’s not in the Daily Deals.

    Juniors sizing is a bit smaller than Misses. Like, I’m a Small in Misses but a Medium or sometimes even a large in Juniors.

  9. Awesome, I got two, thanks!

  10. sold out 🙁

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