My kind of sale

By Mir
February 24, 2010

Does your man’s wardrobe get you down? Are you constantly wondering where in the world he got that brownish shirt with the strange collar? And trying to convince him that once you can see a mark from his wallet on the outside of the pants pocket, it’s time for new pants? Then this sale is for you!

(Not that that’s ever happened to any of us here. Our husbands are awesome and stellar dressers. We love you, guys!) (Okay, is he gone? Keep reading.)

Today (Wednesday, February 24th, 2010) only, Jos. A. Bank is having their Buy 1 Get 4 Free Sale. You read that right—buy one blazer or sportcoat, get two pairs of pants and two of their premium sportshirts for free. Plus shipping is automatically free on orders of $175+.

Jos. A. Bank is my favorite men’s clothier; their quality is incredible, and although their regular prices make me blanch, they have great sales and deals like this make it easy to restock your favorite guy’s wardrobe without breaking the bank.

And after his new stuff comes, those other items can just… you know… disappear in the laundry or something. Shhhh.


  1. This is a very basic problem: men hate shopping for clothes. They might want new clothes desperately, but that means trying them on, getting upset that the cut of the pants they’ve loved for years has changed (yes, I’m pointing a finger at you, Old Navy), facing up to the reality of a…ahem…changing waistline, etc.

    I’m close to buying a lifetime supply of any clothes I find I like, just because I hate shopping for them.

  2. Excellent points, BB. But changing waistlines and changing styles make the shopping a periodic necessary evil. I’m sorry. One thing I love about the JA Bank sales is that we can order online, deal with trying on at home, and then return stuff to our local store if necessary. Takes a little bit of the sting out, anyway!

  3. The site says the sale is Feb. 24-28?

  4. The email I got from them claims they’re doing a variety of sales from Feb 24 – Feb 28, but that the Buy 1 Get 4 Free is just today. I agree the banners on the site don’t look like that, though. Hrm.

  5. Unfortunately, my hubby’s wardrobe is much better than mine.

  6. My husband and I are exactly the opposite of the gender stereotypes. He loves shopping, especially for clothes, and I hate it.

    Although I’m sure those clothes are lovely $500 is still a little steep for us…someday.

  7. I’m slow on the response, but I will say I very much like Joe Bank clothing, even if I hate trying it on.

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