The secrets of the dailies

By Mir
February 25, 2010

The lovely Emily writes:

Well hello there, Mir! I was hoping you could post a list of websites
that offer daily deals. I know that lots of companies are doing this
and I love Target’s but would love to check a few other sites on a
daily basis. Thanks so much

Well, I hate to give away my secrets, but… okay, they’re not really secrets. As it turns out, just about every day one of the things I do for Want Not is take a tour through all of my favorite sites that offer daily deals, and the ones that I think you’ll like best, I go ahead and post. But if you want to do it yourself, that’s cool, too.

Daily deals at Amazon: Every day I check the Gold Box, the Grocery Specials, and the video game deal of the day. When I remember, I also check the MP3 free deals and specials, too.

Sites dedicated to daily deals: That means Woot, Kids.Woot, Thing Fling, Daily Steals, and Tanga.

Daily deals on sites we like: There’s a whole bunch of places that have a daily deal without being a site completely dedicated to daily deals, and I make the rounds through those each day, too. Several of these are going to look very familiar. (*coughcough6pmcoughcough*) They are: The daily specials at, the Target Daily Deals (always free shipping!), the Meijer Daily Steal (this one changes at noon, so sometimes I check it early but forget to check it later, my bad), the LL Bean Daily Markdown, Graveyard Mall‘s Deal of the Day, the Barnes and Noble Deal of the Day, and—as we learned I discovered yesterday—the Deal of the Day. Another thing I do is check the What’s Shakin’ list at for recent hot markdowns.

This may not be an exhaustive list. I haven’t had my second cup of coffee, yet. But I think that’s most of my favorites.

I hope that helps, Emily!


  1. For Emily…
    Use Mir’s links (from this page) so that she can continue to find us these great bargains!
    Thanks, Mir

  2. Doesn’t Land’s End have a weekly markdown thing?

  3. Lands’ End has On The Counter, which I used to love, but have recently mostly forsaken because the sizes/colors tend to be weird and it’s very catch as catch can. But yes, you’ll occasionally grab a bargain there, too.

  4. JC Penney also has Wednesday markdowns in the clearance section – sometimes things are fantastic and sometimes things are totally weird. I have scored some great dress shirts for the hubs lately at $6.99 – although no free shipping on these deals 🙁

  5. If you are looking for baby/kid stuff, I find some really good deals on,, and

    They all tend more towards boutique/high end items, but the deals can be very good and I have picked up quite a few gifts on these sites.

  6. garnet hill has a daily deal. their stuff is usually pretty spendy, but every now and then there is a really smokin deal!

  7. Well. That made my day. Thanks, all!

  8. Mir–just wanted to let you know that, for the last few weeks, your links to the Target Daily Deals haven’t been working for me. It’s probably isolated to me/my computer, but I thought I’d let you know, just in case! Would love for you to get the kick-backs, but those links aren’t working. 🙁 Just FYI!

  9. Mir – and Erin –

    I’ve used the Target links several times w/o problems!

  10. The Target deal never works for me either.

  11. One more suggestion: Ebay has daily deals and on friday $5 daily deals, and you don’t pay shipping. We got a silicone bundt pan a few weeks ago for $5. Ordered it friday, it was here tues. Just sayin’

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