Introducing GoodNites Bedtime Theater

By Mir
February 27, 2010
Category Contests

I’m absolutely thrilled to be partnering with GoodNites once again to both bring some fabulous prizes to my readers and also raise awareness for a great program they’re running.

What you need to know is that GoodNite has just launched Bedtime Theater, a great place to listen to an audio series staring a boy named Iggy that helps promote a better bedtime. You can also try your hand at writing Iggy’s next adventure, and possibly win $2,500! (Think you can’t write an adventure for him? It’s easy! Along with eight other bloggers, I participated in creating an Iggy story, and it was tons of fun.) Bedtime Theater and all of Iggy’s adventures are designed to show your child that he can have a good day, and a good night, regardless of his particular challenges. (Need to connect with experts and other parents, too? Check out the NiteLite Panel and discussion boards available for bedwetting support.)

I love the positive message here, because—let’s face it—the challenges of growing up to be a happy human don’t end with toilet training. Both of my kids (and heck, even I) struggle with control issues; part of it is nature, I guess, and part of it is having gone through a difficult divorce. We are still celebrating every victory, even the ones that come in the form of “this didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to but I dealt with it.” Baby steps!

As if all of that wasn’t enough—trusted support resources, a chance to win big on the GoodNites site, a fun audio series to share with your child—let’s make it even more awesome. I’ll be conducting three contests for a Bedtime Theater Kit, each of which contains: a 2GB silver iPod shuffle, a pair of Logitech Speakers (compatible with the iPod), one $25 iTunes gift card, a Brookstone plush cuddle blanket, and a Patagonia tote bag to carry it all.

Want to win the first tote bag o’ goodies? Of course you do! First go review the standard contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (that’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010, telling me how you make bedtime special at your house to be entered. For this contest you can get yourself a second entry by tweeting about the contest and leaving me a link to your tweet, too (double your chances). Winner to be determined by random number generation, but don’t worry—if you don’t win this one, you’ll have two more chances to win in the coming weeks, too.

Ready? Go!

Disclaimer: I have partnered with GoodNites® Sleep Pants for the Bedtime Theater program. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes developing the Iggy’s Next Adventure story, sharing the program information with my readers, tweeting my blog entry and judging the Iggy’s Next Adventure contest entries. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards the GoodNites® products.


  1. This sounds amazing, and would be much appreciated at our house!

  2. Mwah, mwah, all is forgiven sweetheart!

  3. Sounds like a great project. My daughter is still an infant, and we’re still getting to know each other, so bedtime consists of her “chatting” and me making up a “translation.” We also do a lot of staring at each other. Sometimes she laughs at me (and I laugh right back!)

  4. That would be really, really fantastic. Thank you!

  5. Wow! This would be great!

  6. Fun! For the baby, I still give her one last nurse right before bed. My little man? It has to be a book, then run his train lamp, turn on his Moon in My Room and a snuggle while we talk about the day. Best time of the day because the kids are honestly happy to go to bed because they are BEAT and everyone smells good.

  7. I would love some bedtime help with my 3 year old and 10 month old. The 10 month old is actually worse about going down than the 3 year old.

  8. We get our 4 year old and 2 year old and brush the buggies off their teeth. Then we go to their bedroom and read the scriptures and pray. Then we read a fun book and look under the bed and in the closets to reassure there are no lurking monsters. We tuck them into bed and pull the cubbies (covers) over them and just hope we don’t have to do it again 52 more times that night! We would love some extra help. Anything to make going to bed more enjoyable and comforting to them!!!

  9. Fun Fun!

  10. Awesome giveaway! We definitely try to read stories and talk about our day every night. It might not always happen depending on how busy our evening is but we all love when it works out.

  11. Bedtime isn’t too exciting here but it does seem to bring my daughter much comfort. It starts with bathtime, then I nurse here (for now, anyway) and then it’s stories followed by music and a little bedtime prayer. Since we quashed the bedtime struggles she often goes right to sleep (although there is still some protest when her Dada is putting her to sleep).

  12. Bedtime here is snuggles and stories and rocking and more snuggles. sometimes we lapse into fits of giggles which isn’t too conducive to calming down for bed, but sometimes you just have to giggle.

  13. With the boys, I sit on the bottom bunk and read a book to them. My older one will come sit on the bottom bunk with us when the book interests him. (Which is more often than he’d like to admit.)

    For the girls, I lay with my younger one on her bed, and she usually conks out first while me and the older daughter talk quietly. (We talk about anything she wants.)

  14. I snuggle with my 4-year-old and I am trying to make my 4 month old’s nights special by putting him down awake in hopes that he’ll learn to sleep all night! LOL!

  15. Very cool prize, Mir! We love anything Apple, around here and don’t have the new shuffle. When Sydney was a baby, I read three books to her, every night. Nowadays, I try to read a chapter in whatever book she’s “into”…even at age 9, she still loves being read to. It’s a relaxing way to transition into “sleep” mode.

  16. Awesome deal!!

  17. Oh please please, we would love this.
    At night I lay down with my son and let him tell me about his day. As he gets sleepier, his “brain dump” gets funnier and more adorable. We snuggle until he falls asleep.

  18. We have 3 kids, and I try to make bedtime a special time when I can enjoy a little one on one time with each of them. So, we start at about 7:00 p.m. with a bath, then books for my two year old. When he’s asleep, I give my 4 year old a bath, then books with her. Finally, it’s my 9 year old’s turn for tucking in and about 1/2 hour of reading to him. Even at this age, he looks forward to this time and I have to say now that he is older it’s really fun to pick out books with him that we both enjoy. It’s a relaxing and fun way to end every day.

  19. We have books, then we talk about everything we did that day and what we’re going to do tomorrow. It’s a nice wrap up, especially on those exhausting days, to remember that there’s always something to look forward to.

  20. Now that my boys are older bedtime is simple; they put on pajamas and brush their teeth, then DH reads to them and we give hugs all around. When they were younger I would light a candle and we would say a verse while doing a simple stretching exercise. Then we’d get in their bed and sing songs. When I left the room I blew out the candle.

    Oh, and thank goodness for GoodNites!

  21. I tuck them in nice and tight and give lots of kisses at bedtime!

  22. My twins are still little (11 mo) but either DH or I read to them every night. They especially love when DH reads to them- he’s great at making all the funny voices that make them giggle.

  23. Lots of cuddles.. =)

  24. How amazing! My girls are 12 & 8, but we love to cuddle in bed and read a book. We have a saying in our family that we take turns going back & forth and it goes like this: “Good Night! Sleep Tight! Don’t let the Bedbug bite! If they do, you bite them back! I love you! Sweet dreams!” My mom used to tell that to me when I was a kid, and now I do it to mine!

  25. Although my son is ten, I still read to him some nights. I started the first Percy Jackson book last week, but he got so interested in it he finished without me!

  26. Bedtime always ends for us with a snuggle and a little conversation about our days. It’s been really helpful in figuring out issues that might be bothering my daughter and lovely to end the evening on a positive note.

  27. Bedtime for my two boys is normally “Daddy Time.” Their poor daddy works long days, so designating bedtime as his responsibility ensures that they have some quality time together every day. Daddy and the two boys (ages 5 and 2) all squeeze into the rocking chair in their room, and the boys each pick a book and 1-2 songs for him to entertain them with. The boys ALWAYS ask for him to “sit in the chair a few minutes” after they get in their beds.

  28. This is awesome – bedtime equals books and snuggles at our house. Thanks Mir!

  29. bedtime is special because it’s a time I get one on one with each of my boys. We read stories and I rock the baby (well, he’s 2.5, but he’s still my baby!) for a few minutes. With my older son, we either read stories, or lately we’ve been letting him watch some of the olympics for his before bed time, since he’s really enjoying that.

  30. My husband and I give our 11 month old sons their last bottle. Then we sit together on the couch and read a story. Right now we love Chicka chicka boom boom. Then we each take one boy up to his room and sing him a song and then put him in his crib.

  31. Bedtime at our house is fairly simple. Most nights my husband and I sit on the couch with the kids on the floor and they each get to pick a book for us to read to all of them. Then we move into each of their rooms and spend a few quality minutes with them tickling, talking or singing.

  32. My kids are one tween and one new teenager, so our bedtime routine has evolved with their ages. Now we try to have a family game before they head up to the shower. They both read or unwind with music (the iPod would be a welcome addition!) before bed. I always check in with them to chat or just hangout before lights out. The bedtime thing with them is the one thing I feel I did right as a parent 🙂

  33. Bedtime at our house consists of playing a round of Nerf Tag after teeth are brushed & jammies are on. With all boys, this goes over well. Esp. with my “big kid”

  34. Bedtime at our house involves snuggling, reading, and then laying together with a whispered story as my son drifts off to sleep (and occasionally his mama too).

  35. Bedtimes include jammies, toothbrushin’, story-readin’, prayers, talks, and snuggles. My four-year-old still wants me to stay lying by her side until she’s asleep every night– I need to break that habit but keep putting it off, thinking about how much she WON’T want me around in a few years. I consider watching her eyelids flutter and her breathing lengthen each night a gift– and I treasure it.

  36. We always read a special book before bed.

  37. For the little guy bedtime is: pjs & diaper change, brush teeth, story time, turn on noise machine, cuddle in the rocking chair in his room for a couple minutes, turn on humidifier & tyke light, put him in his crib surrounded by all his “friends” (currently Buzz Lightyear and Woody), then cover with his “soft blankie.” I whisper “night, night” as I leave and blow kisses. He rolls over and goes right to sleep! Love it! (Meanwhile, my oldest STILL has trouble with falling asleep at 9 yrs old…but that’s a different story.)

  38. We used to sing songs to our 3yo daughter before saying good night, but lately, it’s all about stories. We make up our own stories, all of them beginning with “once upon a time” and ending with “and they lived happily ever after.” Sometimes they are about her when she was younger; other times, it’s about her dolls; sometimes, about characters from movies (usually princesses). I love hearing her imagination during these times, but admittedly they extend bedtime a bit. 😉

  39. Something here for me and my grandchildren!

  40. We all have our control issues, don’t we?

  41. We are transitioning from our short goodnight books to chapter books at bedtime – even our smallest is enjoying Little House in the Big Woods 🙂

  42. We make sure everyone gets a little special one-on-one time with mom and/or dad every night as he is tucked in to bed. It’s not much, but hopefully it makes them feel cozy before they drift off to sleep!

  43. Who couldn’t us a cuddle blanket? Count m in!

  44. We do stories and prayers with the big girls (3 and 4) and snugglies with the babe.

  45. Paul reads to all the kids every night–and because we have such a wide age range (2-11) he does it in three different sessions: first toddler books for the 2-year-old, then preschool books for the 4-year-olds, then big kid books for the 8- and 11-year-old.

  46. Oh wow…I would love this! My family would love this!

  47. I’m not very good at the bedtime routine- I meant to read them stories every night, but sometimes we’re just too busy. But I do give them a kiss and tuck them in, and say prayers with them.

  48. books, of course, lots of hugs and kisses, and we talk about our plans for the next day highlighting something to look forward to

  49. Cool prize package. How do I make bedtime special? I say, “Go to bed. I’m DONE!” That’s pretty much it.

  50. One good hint – record yourself reading bedtime stories. Then after the one live reading each night, you can play the recording very softly while your child goes to sleep.

  51. Tinkles in the potty, wash hands, brush teeth, kiss papa, read books, say prayers, tuck into the toddler bed with all the animals and whatnot, more kisses, wait outside the door for 30 seconds, then move everything to the crib, more kisses, and night night. Whew.

  52. We’ve got a new little one coming into the family in a few months. His parents would love this in the years to come! I’d be the PRETTY aunt !!

  53. Fun! 🙂

  54. Dad reads stories to the kids at bedtime, to give him a chance to spend some time with them each day.

  55. Every night we get all ready for bed, read books, then my husband tucks in the kids and sings them a lullabye. Not too original but we all like it!

  56. Bedtime at our house is reading 3 books to each if our boys……love our snuggle time!!

  57. Bedtime means lots of snuggles in our house. Reading is a must and we NEVER go to sleep without proclaiming our gratitude for each other! Thanks for the chance to win!

  58. We have the one, two, three bedtime ritual. One bath, two books and three kisses. Goodnight! Thanks…we’d love the package.

  59. In our house, Papa gets special story time with his two girls right before bed. They all cuddle up on the bed to read together.

  60. Bedtime is made special with lots of cuddling before going to sleep.

  61. Ooooooo Ipod goodies! Count me in!

  62. Since we are just starting potty training, I’m certainly going to check out the website! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. We do have the basic getting ready for bed things – make lunch for school the next day, brush your teeth, etc., but when all that is finished it’s time to curl up with Daddy and read books. It’s never quite the same when he’s traveling & I read to them.

  64. We do books, songs and an audio CD to hold the kids’ attention so they don’t keep one another awake all..night…long. Thanks for the chance!

  65. For both kids, we do the abbreviated rushed working-parent versions of bedtime routine, which consist of yelling to finish dinner, yelling to get upstairs to bath, yelling to get pjs on afterwards, and finally relaxing enough for a final cuddle, a hug and a kiss. Yelling part is optional; doesn’t happen every day. 😉 Ultimately, we’re lucky enough to have busy kids who are good sleepers; they go to bed and they pass out.

    This would be great, thanks!

  66. We still snuggle our 3 year old and 5 year old to sleep. They are only going to be little for a short time!

  67. Bath time, pjs, then my 3yo chooses two books…one to read by himself while I nurse the baby, then one we read to him in his bed before lights out.

  68. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. They both get their teeth brushed, then my son kisses his ‘babies’ good night, gives sissy and Daddy kisses, and Mommy takes him in his room and snuggles him for a bit before tucking him in. My daughter is such a good little reader that she now reads us a bedtime story most nights! Mommy and Daddy take turns snuggling her while she reads, helping her when she might have a difficult word, then she gets hugs and kisses and tucked in tight! We can’t wait until our son can stay still enough to enjoy story time with us!

  69. Thanks, Mir!

  70. Bedtime starts with a warm bath, stories, prayers, and lots of hugs and kisses. This is great. pick us!!!

  71. Bedtime for us includes a half hour or so of meditation, sometimes a story (often played from an iPod), and cuddles.

  72. Bedtime routine here is daddy carrying the little one, “like a pig” which translates into piggyback, upstairs. Bed, read, prayer, cover up, hugs and kisses and a few call backs for more hugs. The older two get prayer, cover up and they read for a while. They still love more hugs from mommy right before they turn out their reading lights. Love bedtime rituals 🙂

  73. My 4 year old and I make up silly verses for the song, “oh you can’t get to heaven on roller skates”

  74. We read then each child talks about their day.

  75. Bedtime is special at our house because Daddy takes care of it!

  76. Bedtime is special at our house because we have a “read-aloud”, kisses and then the “shark puppet” watches over the kids… he will grab them and put them back into their beds if they sneak out for any reason other than a visit to the potty.

  77. I make bedtime special with my children by giving each of them a special cuddle with mom time where we talk about their day or any concerns they may have in their lives. After the chat, we read a story and I give them their sweet dream kisses.

  78. We read two books before bedtime: one my daughter choses and one I choose. Then she gives our cat, Samson, a hug & kiss goodnight and it’s off to bed. My son reads books with Dad and then they listen to a few songs on the IPod together (usually Bob Marley!) and then it’s lights out.

  79. Our routine is 2 stories while drinking milk, brushing teeth, then one last story. Unforunately, everyone is exhausted except the toddler. Ha!

  80. We read books all together on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Then head to the room of the littlest for prayers and songs. Then on to the oldests for the same. Like clockwork. Everynight. It’s a good routine for us!

  81. my five year old takes his tub and gets jammied up then will hide under his covers till i come in and am required to say “where is the boy?” then I get to tickle him till he comes out for hugs and kisses.

    this is an awesome contest, thanks Mir and Goodnights!

  82. Wow, awesome. We put on pajamas, brush teeth, and then our little one is allowed to pick out three books to read. She falls asleep listening to the same CD of lullabies that I did when I was little.

  83. Bedtime routine is book and cuddling and sometimes a bit of tickling is thrown in 🙂

  84. Lots of snuggles!

  85. Bedtime, goes smooth for the younger boy, and is a long 30 minute ritual for the girl. We read 2-3 and sometimes 4 books while the kids have a last drink of milk. The boy goes down immediately with a kiss and a hug. The girl needs music, a nightlight and a retelling of her day. I don’t mind, as I know someday that will end and I will miss it, even if it means I get my evenings back.

  86. Bedtime for big sister is pajamas, teeth, hugs/kisses, book, bed – hopefully little brother will get there soon 🙂

  87. with three kids under four years old bedtime is interesting. we read, dance, listen to music and enjoy our time together! I can’t lie, the time after ALL three are in bed is nice too!

  88. oh, what a great idea! I’ve got some varied needs at bedtime now (kids 11, 9, 6), and while stories are great for everyone, it’s always a challenge to figure out something that everyone will like. or at least not hate!

  89. I love this!!

  90. wow! What a great prize. We love you Mir!

  91. wow, that is a good night contest. a new ipod would be awesome. our bedtimes have gotten so easy lately. between school, caub scouts, and karate, bugman is just too tired to care. he reads for a few minutes and then passes out.

  92. with a glass of wine? JUST KIDDING!
    all 4 of us read a book or a chapter, then each parent snuggles with each kid. then dad prays with each of them.
    after the door is shut, then we drink a glass of wine 🙂

  93. Great contest!

  94. After jammies and teeth, my husband snuggles and reads stories with our daughters while I nurse our toddler to sleep.

  95. My kids are 8 and 10. We have evolved from bedtime stories because they both are avid readers and like to read in bed after I tuck them in. My hubby or I tuck them in and spend a few minutes talking about their day and their plans for the next day. We also talk about and resolve any issues we had that day. I’ve been very lucky in that my kids have always been great sleepers from the time they were a few months old!

  96. We read books, talk about what he did at school, (when he can remember)And we talk about getting up in the middle of the night to go potty!

  97. Bath, then dry hair with towel to make crazy hair-dos and giggle at the mirror, 2 books, and then tuck in while saying, “Snug as a bug, snug as a bug, snug as a bug in a rug” which always evokes more giggles.

  98. anything to improve bedtime is great

  99. This sounds great – I love the idea of an audio book for kids and anything that make bedtime better is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. My baby is going on his first solo trip…this would provide an easier good-night!

  101. We try several different bedtime tricks to make the day close easier for my 4 & 7 yr old. Sometimes, just a quick story, sometimes we have a “Beanie Baby Fight” were we toss beanie babies across the room and take refuge in the beds, using blankets and pillows as blockers.

  102. Bedtime around here is great. Bath, story, and kisses goodnight. One hall pass for a drink or extra hug (once the hall pass is used you have to stay in bed).

  103. Every night it’s pretty much the same at our house: brush teeth, go potty, then a book, prayers and a song. Kiddos take turns picking out the book and song. After kisses and hugs, it’s lights out and MOMMY TIME!!

  104. So fun!

  105. Anything to help out with bedtime is much appreciated!

  106. We could really use this. We can’t live without our Goodnights

  107. I wish I could remember at what age I began to look forward to bedtime!

  108. Bedtime is really my husband’s special time with the kids. He has taken on the chore of putting all three of our kids to bed each night because he misses them throughout the day. This is their special time to re-connect with dad, and it gives me some much needed down time in the evenings!

  109. I don’t have children, but I do have a god daughter who stays over often. I always want to make her feel safe and loved. We always read Goodnight Moon. She now reads it to me. When she does so she says everything just as I would when I read it, it is very cute. As I walk out of the room I say I love you, she says I love you two and then I say I love you three and she says I love you four and so on until we get to I love you ten…which she says then I say I love you infinity and she says No Fair! Its the same ritual my mom did with me when I was a little girl and I will do with my own children!

  110. As the kids have gotten older the bedtime routine has changed, but each of them insist on getting “10 and 10 and 10!” every night. This means ten hugs, then ten kisses, and finally ten eskimo kisses. It will be sad when they don’t want that anymore.

  111. At our house, every night there’s a splashy bath, 2 books read aloud, some rocking, making sure the humidifier is on and that the kiddo has his special pillow (named Stinky–long story). We’re *trying* to make bedtime a little less involved, but since he’s an Only, it seems like our routine grows and grows!

  112. We have always read a story before bed. My daughter calls them “bednight stories”.

  113. Bedtime means stories and prayers and trying to stay awake until the end of the story.

  114. What an awesome prize!!

  115. Family prayers and stories plus lots of cuddling!

  116. We all love stories at bedtime. And dreaming about awesome prizes.

  117. Our related bedtime routine is taking turns choosing a ‘meeting’ (ie conversation) topic while going potty before getting in bed, with 3 year old on big potty and 2 year old on baby potty. It is usually elephants or lions or some other animal that needs to be discussed. 🙂

  118. we do “best thing/most boring thing” about your day then we say our prayers and they hop into bed!

    hope I win!

  119. We read 1 book and sing 2 songs. Thanks – you rock!!

  120. man, I would love this. My 3.5 yo still wakes me in the middle of the night. It’s for the BIRDS! We do the regular stuff, bath, story, hugs, kisses, but STILL it’s 3am and yells for “Mama” ring through the house! Help me Good Nites!!!

  121. We read several books, sing a song or too, and snuggle in bed while listening to a few songs of a quiet CD before we give kisses and hugs and say goodnight. This giveaway would be perfect for us!

  122. Cuddle time is ALWAYS part of nighttime routine, and a story or too… If I read, its usually a “settle down” book, but my husband usually picks one that makes the kids giggle and jump and get all wound up again- have to love his quirks! 🙂
    I always ask “what was your favorite part of today?”, then prayers and goodnights. 🙂
    I would LOVE to win this, thanks!

  123. We let our little one jump around for ten minutes before bed to get all the extra wiggles out. Then it is teeth brushing and two or three books. Lights out and two songs. Sometimes that does the trick…some nights takes a little more convincing…

  124. This would be awesome to have.

  125. Tucking in, hugs and kisses, talk a bit, pray and hope they stay in bed!!

  126. Every night before the last hug and kiss, my daughter and I play the “I love you more than…” game! I start out by saying “I love you more than, say, ice cream” and she responds “I love YOU more than rainbows”! We keep going back and forth a few times until one of us decides that the other has come up with the very best “I love you more than…” for that night. 🙂
    We started playing when she was around three years old…she is now nine and still won’t go to bed without our ritual. I hope one day she can say her own special “I love you more than’s…” to her own beautiful children! 🙂

  127. It’s a too long drawn out event. This would be awesome!

  128. My kids both enjoy a book or two, extra cuddle time and fall asleep to music. My little guy must have his “Best of Barney” CD while my 1st grader has graduated to listening to the latest Kidz Bop CD at night. She actually falls asleep singing to the songs! Don’t know how she can actually sleep to music that makes you want to dance, but hey, it works!

  129. My latest bedtime habit has been to drink tea before bed to get myself to relax – I’m often up late into the night doing various assignments and projects for my classes, and a cup of tea is a nice way to let myself know it’s time for sleep.

  130. When my boys were little, it was always with a book. Now, it’s “Goodnight, Mom” “Love ya, Sweet Tart!” and on and on!! At age 11, we are still struggling with bedtime wetting issues. This item would be of great item. Thanks Mir!

  131. Bedtime with our 2.5 year old twins always includes both mom & dad, several books (usually ending with Goodnight Moon) and some running around and jumping, interspersed with tickling! Then into cribs, extra hugs all around, and finally, “I love you! Sweet dreams!” as I close the door (now echoed back, which is AWESOME)

  132. Bed time at our house usually involves a bath, a little tv/book reading/cuddling time, a tuck in and a kiss good night!

  133. Shower, (while Mom or dad makes sure the backpack is packed for the next morning), teethbrushing, goodnight hug with dad, then a book – it used to be 3 picture books, but we’ve moved to chapter books, and at this time of the year it takes us forever to get thru a book, because he can’t keep his eyes open by the end of the day.

  134. Have grandkids who would so love this!!

  135. What a wonderful giveaway! My kids always had a bath, snuggle, story(ies) (just! one! more!) and a prayer before bedtime.

  136. When I saw this, I thought of my granddaughter who often spends the night at my house. We’ve had different special bedtime routines as she’s grown through different stages. Right now, she’s 2 & 1/2 and she just likes me to lie down with her and her special blankie and she rubs my cheek and I rub her back and…now I’m tearing up. It’s too sweet.

  137. Clap, clap, clap. Love books and a good bedtime routine is very important.

  138. Our days wind down with family time on the sofa. Once the kids are dressed in pj’s and have brushed their teeth, they each select a book for us to read. There’s usually some negotiating over who gets to sit where, but we do our best to make it a special, calming time. Once that’s finished, the kids get in their beds and we come tuck in/kiss/say prayers with each child.

  139. We make bedtime special by “unplugging.” No tv, no ipods, no video games and no computers. I feel like some kind of electronic is always going at our house, so bedtime is just our family cuddling in bed. Each kid gets to pick a story and Dad & I take turns reading.

  140. On cold nights I do “toasted jammies” where I warm the kids’ jammies up in the dryer for a few minutes. They love to put them on straight out of the dryer 🙂

  141. Well, we have six kiddos…make that six and a half kiddos, LOL! Our youngest is 9 but we have a surprise on the way. Because the kids are older (16 down to 9) we have given up most bedtime rituals. I imagine some of those old ones (not to mention some new ones) will be showing back up here in the coming months.


  142. Love bedtime stories and snuggles together! Would love to win this fabulous prize! Thanks, Mir!

  143. We do a combo bath time for our 1 & 3 year-old girls. Then the baby gets put in her sleep sack and nursed to sleep, and the 3 year-old gets stories and a snack. After brushing teeth, we snuggle in and talk about her day, and then pray. Hugs and kisses always! Thanks, Mir!

  144. thanks!

  145. What a great idea! We just love bedtime stories so this would be perfect. Thanks!!

  146. No matter how busy we are, we make time to read a story together with the kids at bedtime to make it special.

  147. Bedtime for us can be both comforting and hard all at the same time. Any help we can get to make this a more special time of day would be wonderful!

  148. We talk about the best thing that happened that day – even if it that I didn’t make them eat all of their vegetables, it is still a good thing. Then we read together and snuggle.

  149. We always end with talking about what we did that day and what is up for tomorrow – they aren’t quite 3 and so their grasp of the days of the week is tenuous!

  150. Tweet tweet!


    Check out this giveaway from my most favorite of favorites blog!

  151. We read aloud every night rain or shine at our house. Gives us all something to look forward to!

  152. Books, the Rocket lamp (deal found through Want Not. Thanks for that, too!), snuggles, and classical music. It’s nice for all of us!

  153. Bedtime is my most favorite time. Bedtime at our house is pj’s on then some cuddles. We then go in his room have a story, prayers, lights out, then a last nursing until he is nice and sleepy. Then the house is finally quiet!

  154. My little guy, 5, loves to have his back rubbed. He also likes to make sure that each of his little stuffed animals gives mommy a hug and kiss goodnight. It’s precious.

  155. Bedtime is a routine at our house. After a diaper change and putting on some footie pajamas, my almost-two daughter waves bye-bye to her toys and stuffed animals. She helps me fill the humidifier and turn on the white noise machine. Then we turn out the light and sit in the rocking chair together and just rock for a while. Sometimes I sing, but usually I just listen to her shout out random words that she knows, like “Kitty!” “Toes!” “MY mommmy!” She melts me.

  156. We have story time and for some reason they like it when I sing to them… but it works.

  157. My kids are a bit older (my bedtime routine with my 16 year old consists of me insisting he give me a hug before *I* go to bed, and him rolling his eyes, but complying, before he goes back to his video game). But my daughter I still have suckered in with reading before bed. We are doing the classic books I loved when I grew up. We finished the last of the “Anne of Green Gables” series a few months ago and are about half way through “Little Women” now.

  158. Ohhhh. . .how I know how there are baby steps with kids’ progress. Regardless of age. We have 3 kids–oldest is 9 1/2, our middle child and only boy is almost 8 and our youngest is 4. Each childs’ routine is a bit different based on their personality and wants. But I ALWAYS try and make sure they know they are loved.

  159. My son is 2 years old and before bed, we always read a book… or two… or ten together. He just can’t get enough books! Or he’s a really great staller, either way…

  160. We have bible study, sing songs then a book. one of us lays down with the younger ones till they are asleep.

  161. sounds good

  162. What a fabulous package!

  163. We talk about our favorite things of the day and pray. The kids are older and require less tucking in but we always connect at the end of the day.

  164. We have two little boys, almost 3 and 8 months. The 8 month old goes down first, sometimes with a bath and always with a little lotion massaging tired legs working hard crawling all day. Then nursing, snuggles, and lights out.

    Big brother gets “Goodnight Moon,” and a quick dance with “The Bunny Song” – a Hallmark singing bunny, frog, and two chicks quartet doing The Hop. Then it’s three blankets saying “night night” and hugs from mom and dad.

  165. Daddy does bedtime around here, since I am home with the kids all day this time is extra special for them. Daddy brushes his teeth with them, and helps them brush theirs and he reads them a story. Then I come in at the end for a quick goodnight. This is a great time for them to bond and have special time together.

  166. Our bedtime routine is constantly evolving. Since both kids want Daddy all the time, we take turns with which kid gets his company. There are always stories, and frequently we look at pictures on my BlackBerry (either the kids or cute animals). Then it’s rubbing backs, sometimes singing and off to dream land. To be honest, most nights it’s a toss-up for who falls asleep first – the grown up or kid!

  167. Our little guy gets snuggle time and reading time with his Daddy every night before bed. We would love to have this tote!

  168. Lately we’ve been getting PJs on and watching highlights of the olympics for about a half hour before bed. The boys love it, they want to try every event they see.

  169. This sure would be helpful at our house. My kids like to be sung to at night. My oldest son like to bring his glowworm to bed and have me sing along with it. After we’re done, we talk about the stars that are projected on the ceiling and I lay next to my boys until they fall asleep.

  170. We talk about our day with the older one, and cuddle and rock the little one. I’m always so eager for them to go to bed, and then I miss them once they’re sleeping!

  171. We go with the standard tuck-in and short story reading. But my son’s on the cusp of some developmental changes and I’ve been pondering how best to alter our practices to support him.

  172. We sit together with our daughter on the couch reading her favorite stories. She loves being sandwiched in the middle.

  173. We love to read at my house!

  174. My son would love it. We take a bath and brush his teeth, read stories and say good night to certain things in his room, and then after hugs and kisses we turn on his cd player so he can listen to his favorite song once. I’d love to replace that temperamental thing with an iPod!

    For the tweet, I’m not sure how to link to one tweet but here’s the link to my page – it’s at the top as of now!

  175. We have our special hugs, kisses, prayers and lights out time before bed, but with 6 kids that takes awhile.

  176. Bedtime is special with a book and of course a soft blankie! Great contest, thanks!

  177. What a great package, Sign me up!

  178. Thanks, Mir 🙂

  179. we make bedtime special by reading. Everyone gets to pick a book and we either read it or a chapter from the book. And then lights out, baby!

  180. Our bedtime is special for a few reasons. First, we read books and Jessica (4 y/o) drinks her milk. We brush teeth and then lights out. I lay down with her for a few minutes and she tells me things that I think I wouldn’t hear otherwise. Something about being relaxed for bed and being in the dark. She’ll tell me about her day, or her favorite movie or just that she loves me (my favorite!)

  181. I have a couple of grandsons (i’m not telling their ages) that could really benefit from this.

  182. Ok, one question – who gets the iPod? Cuz I want it! What’s that you say? I have to share??? You’re so mean!!!

    Alright, that last bit was channeling my daughter…but it would give her a great excuse to drag out bedtime!

  183. Sounds Great!

  184. We have a special Thank You, God book that we read each night, say our prayers, then hugs, kisses, and cover with the blanket.

  185. This would be an awesome prize! pick me!

  186. love it! i so want to win!

  187. The girls sleep in the same room, so for a special treat we let them sleep together in the same bed, which is super sweet to see and hear the conversations they have after we’ve tucked them in.

  188. How cool!

  189. This sounds awesome!

  190. My husband still reads to the kids at bedtime, even though they are 9 and 12. It is still a comforting ritual.

  191. I usually snuggle in bed with my daughter for a few minutes at bedtime, and we discuss the best and worst parts of our day.

  192. 17 month old and a new baby on the way – ’nuff said? No? Okay, well throw in a very chatty 3.5 year old big sis and 4.5 year old big bro? 😛

  193. We get our 2 yo old son into PJs sometimes after a bath, but sometimes just a slathering w/lotion, brush teeth and wash the face/hands w/lots of looking in the mirror and giggling, then sing a verse of amazing grace or the gospel song, say a prayer, then down he goes w/his bear and brankie (blanket). Sometimes, up he pops again, of course. Might be fun to add something to our ritual.

  194. My little man takes a bath with his daddy, then gets an oil massage from me.
    Then he gets to chose a book and we read it together. When we are finished, we cuddle together in my bed till he falls asleep.

  195. Bedtime is made more special for the boy by a gift-from-Nana Pikachu electric toothbrush.

    Bedtime was made more special for me when we were able to turn bedtime-story-reading-time into just “reading time.” It was a great advantage to having a child who learned to read before kindergarten!

  196. (Only slightly disappointed not to win pullups… but an Ipod will do, I guess ;p) We have been reading at night since my daughter was tiny and I love our newer routine of reading with her baby brother, too. Our whole family piles on the bed and we read big girl and little boy stories they’ve each chosen. Love it.

  197. Snuggle time, reading, kisses and back massages, and lullabies for us…

  198. Who needs a night light at bedtime? The “Moon in My Room” that Santa brought my girls for Christmas (did you know, Mir, that Santa reads your blog and got it on a great deal?!) helps make bedtime special in our house. After a story, tucking the girls in their bunks, and a kiss goodnight, out go the lights, and on goes the moon. Audio books often accompany the moonlight (which goes off after a half hour to save batteries!) and my girls have no troubles falling asleep at bedtime. That, in itself, is pretty special! 😉

  199. Thanks for the chance to win a great gift! My 4 yr old loves to read! We read one or two books every night.

  200. I bought a little booklight, and use that to read bedtime stories by. We all snuggle up together, and the booklight is the only light in the room. It helps a) keep them focused on the story, and b) ease the transition from daytime brightness to nighttime darkness.

    Thanks, GoodNites!

  201. Since I’m a children’s librarian, we have to read several books together before bed. It’s the best way to snuggle in to sleep for both of us 🙂

  202. A book or two and then snuggles until my 2 yr old falls asleep

  203. bedtime requires the Disney princesses CD, a book, a snuggle, and a hug, a kiss, and a secret (“I love you!”)

  204. Every night: Night night. Sleep tight. Don’t let sleepy dog bite your toes… For some reason, bed bugs scare him but sleepy dog biting his toes doesn’t.

  205. I sing to my smaller boy every night when he gets into bed. Sometimes his big brother still wants me to sing, too. They really enjoy it, and they are the only people in the entire world that want to hear my tone-deaf singing! Plus they have excellent taste, and most frequently want “American Pie” or something by Bruce Springsteen.

  206. Bedtime is special because everyone gets kisses – even the 13 year old boy makes sure to give a go-around of kisses for all when he goes to bed!

  207. Mir,
    First let me say I think you’re great! (I know that won’t help me win, but it needed to be said.) Second, we all read together before bed. It’s so relaxing for everyone and such a nice way to end the day. Sometimes we’ll play cards instead–fun, but not quite as calming as a good book!

  208. We always read to our kids at bedtime, and before they got too stinkin’ old to enjoy my voice (ahem) I used to sing to them. All three of my daughters had their own made-up-by-me song which included their name in it, which I cannot sing these days without weeping for their lost babyhood. So yeah, I am a dork. Thanks for asking. And thanks for the giveaway chance.

  209. Bedtime around my house is everyone collapsing into bed! No real rituals here but might be nice to start some…

  210. We read, pray, and rock to music at bedtime and have for years. Very special!

  211. looks awesome, thanks Mir!

  212. We spend a good quiet time reading, snuggling, then dance ourselves to bed. Mama loves bedtime 🙂

  213. We read three books (at LEAST! :)), brush teeth, pray, and snuggle for a bit. Often I am asked to make up stories about a flamingo who wanted to be a different color than she is…the flamingo who was orange wanted to be purple, etc. I make them up, but I have no idea why :).

  214. We usually read. On those special nights, when it’s just us girls, we crank Mama Mia and Dancing Queen and dance until we fall on the floor giggling! My 3 and 4-year-olds love it!

  215. Snuggles, singing, and prayer – and kissing all the stuffed animals good night.

  216. I need this for my little guy who wears Goodnights!

  217. yes please

  218. We make bedtime special by reading a children’s Bible together and then praying as a family.

  219. great give away! would love an ipod!

  220. This sounds great.

  221. I am the only member of my family without an ipod….how sad! Would love to remedy that situation.

  222. I listen to the radio with ear buds to go to sleep every night An I pod would be great!

  223. Very cool prize!

  224. On nights I don’t work, I read books to the kids, or they take turns reading to me. They would love the ipod for nights I work, when they listen to Magic Tree House cds.

  225. Now there’s an idea I never considered…an iPod loaded with their favorite books or stories to listen to as they fall asleep…Brilliant!

  226. Our favorite part of bedtime is the story. You can never have too many books! It makes me feel great when I hear one of my boys (2 and 4.5) say “Just one more story! Please!”

  227. I think that the most special part about bedtime is after my son is in his pajamas and his teeth are brushed. We cuddle on my bed and read a couple books -something different every night because he likes to keep choosing. I work late a couple nights a week and my mother does this with him in my absence and I think that makes it even more special for all of us.

  228. Bedtime is special in our house from our routine. My girls share a room, so my husband and I go back and forth giving out kisses, hugs, and tickles. My youngest daughter, M, always has to kiss and hug twice before bedtime. What is more special than kisses and hugs from your baby?

  229. I have five children but I tuck each child in and ask them a question about their day that relates specifically to them. I then pray for them individually. Each child has a special kiss just for them. I love bedtimes!

  230. I think this is a great gift to win. I hope I win!

  231. Read, pray, snuggle. And in the winter, we turn on the electric blanket and warm the bed first.

  232. Great contest!

  233. What a great contest! Very cool.

  234. RNG pick me please. I’ve dropped everything I’ve picked up today and need a pick up myself!

  235. Hope it’s not too late! (I think it is :-()

  236. An important lesson we’ve taught our kids is to appreciate the things we have. It’s an on going lesson but they get it a little more all the time. Their still young too. Only 5, 3, and a few months!

  237. Would so like to share this with my son and daughter. Bring on the good Karma!!!

  238. When bedtime was so hard and I was the only who could do it, sometimes I would dread that time of day more than any other. Funny how now I miss not being needed quite so much. We try to teach our boys to just appreciate everything and to pay it forward with random acts of kindness.

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