Zero calories, zero weird chemicals

By Mir
March 1, 2010

If you haven’t discovered stevia yet, but you’re trying to cut down on sugar, consider this the all-natural answer: Stevia is a plant-derived sweetener with zero calories, zero carbs, zero chemical compounds invented by people in labs. I use sweeteners very rarely (generally I’d rather just go without) but lately I’ve started using stevia in muffins and the kids haven’t even noticed. Shhhh.

Want to try it out? For just $1.99 you can pick up a 50-pack of stevia packets at Amazon; either add it to your Super Saver Shipping eligible order, or pick it up for free with that free Prime trial you should still be enjoying.


  1. What a fantastic deal! Too bad it’s already sold out from Amazon (it’s only a bit before 9AM too).

  2. Did I READ the instructions on the Goodnites contest? Noooo!! So this’ll be the time the Random Number Generator picks my number, then disqualifies me. Boohoo!

    I really SHOULD have said that I make bedtime special by kicking back with a martini or two. 😉

  3. I’m too late. Ah, well. Hope you are feeling better today, lovely Mir.

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