Store me, save me

By Mir
March 9, 2010

These two are repeats, but they always seem popular and someone always says “Gone before I got one!” when I post ’em. So here they are; get in on the deal quickly if you’ve missed out in the past!

First, we have the ever-popular Rubbermaid Easy-Find Lid Storage Set available from Amazon for just $11 (look in the “More Buying Choices” column on the lower right to buy from Amazon directly and get the discounted price).

Next, we have the Rubbermaid Produce Saver Set (which I picked up last time and love) available from Amazon for $13. Both sets ship for free with Prime or with your $25+ Super Saver Shipping order.

Go forth and store.


  1. Thanks Mir! Grabbed one of each!

  2. YES! finally! every time you’ve posted the deal on the produce saver I haven’t been quick enough (and of course I am too cheap to pay full price when I know it goes down to $13 sometimes). Just bought one of each of these sets. Thank you so much for posting again!!!

  3. Huh, maybe I shoulda signed up for the free prime this time. The storage set (not the produce one) will ship in 4-6 weeks!

  4. I bought the produce saver the last time you posted it, hesitant but thinking “Mir has never steered me wrong and she is so darn pretty ….” They are fantastic!

  5. OK, after you mentioned the produce saver last time, I picked up one container from Target just to see how they worked (didn’t want to invest in the whole set without advance research). And the verdict: IT IS THE BOMB. Those strawberries are now in their second week and still firm. Truly unprecedented. I’m buying two sets of them today.

  6. OK, so I was afraid I’d be a day late and a dollar short, but procrastinating actually worked out! The produce savers you link to in the post here are sold by a third party and don’t qualify for Prime (today, anyway). BUT on the right hand side, it lists the ones sold by Amazon for $13 and THEY qualify for Prime.

    Bought TWO in advance anticipation of yummy yummy summer produce… Woot! Thanks, Mir!

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