Tell your old vacuum to suck it

By Mir
March 9, 2010

Is there anyone left on the planet who wants a Dyson but doesn’t have one, yet? I mean, besides me?

Today has the Dyson DC24 Limited Edition Blueprint vacuum for $300 shipped. And yeah, $300 is a lot of money for anything, but for reference, the same vacuum is going for around $400 at Amazon.

Is this the Holy Grail of vacuums? I don’t honestly know, but my friends who have Dysons certainly haven’t stopped talking about them. And if I was going to buy one, I kind of appreciate how this version isn’t retina-searing yellow.


  1. Ooh, that is a nice one. I covet it, even though I have the original Dyson in Yum Yum Yellow. But what I’m still dreaming of is that Dyson and Roomba will have a baby….

  2. We finally broke down and ponied up for a Dyson after frying our 5th or 6th standard stand up (multiple brands, priced 75-150) in as many years. While I cannot yet discuss true longevity (we have had ours about 6 months), I can say that it is the best I have ever used; which includes a high end canister Rainbow. While ours isnt this exact model (we bought a higher end one that specializes in Pet Hair), what we have is surprising light and agile, and cleans very well.
    Our Dyson impressed me enough to leave this post…

  3. I’m spoiled I have two Dyson’s…one for each floor, so I don’t have to haul it around. AND being an engineer is probably why I have it and understand it. They do require maintenance…and are a bit different to assemble for different cleaning purposes — BUT, they are the best. They never lose suction — like other brands and rarely need spare parts (unless you actually break one somehow). Go try the model out in a reg. store before buying as they all (the models) are different to operate. I have a Dyson canister that I really don’t like as much as the stand up. Happy SWEEPING!

  4. Love love love my Dyson! The first time I used it, it actually was so strong that it showed where the previous owners had spilled orange kool-aid…resulting in me bringing a professional cleaning service out because, you know, yuck.

  5. oh, i want it so bad..must resist..don’t need it!

  6. I married my Dyson.

  7. I have had a Dyson for about 10 years. I had a super one for pets and gave it to my daughter for her many animals. I hope she uses it! I got a lighter one and I love the way it goes around things. It is easy to disassemble and figure out what is wrong…usually a clog of some type. Not the dyson’s fault.

  8. I think I’m the only commenter here who doesn’t love my Dyson! 🙂 I have the yellow one and my parents have the purple one and theirs is MUCH more powerful than mine. I am actually looking into a new vacuum but don’t want a Dyson this time.

  9. Love my purple Dyson. I got it refurbished (a.k.a. “much cheaper”) have had it for four years and it still works great!

  10. I want one and I still dont have one. At least you have some company Mir!

  11. I love my dyson! I have this model and it’s awesome! It’s so light and easy to use my 4 year old loves to run it. Can’t be child labor when it’s so light right?!

  12. *wiping a tear* … I’ve been socking away dollars in the bottom of my jewelry drawer hoping to one day have enough to get a Dyson, but when my vacuum completely croaked (I’m embarrassed to admit) 2 months ago, I didn’t think I was going to be able to live with my carpets while I waited. Hey, guess how much is in my drawer??? Woo to the Hoo!

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