Chocoholics, rejoice

By Mir
March 24, 2010

Okay, this is a “wow that’s a lot of candy” and also a “try at your own risk” sort of deal.

Amazon has this M&M variety pack listed as being an 8-count box of 25 packages. That’s 200 full-size packs of M&Ms. And the price is $18.15. Based upon the product info and the shipping weight, my guess is that they intend that to be the price for one box, but the item title clearly says 8 boxes. (One box comes out to around $.70/pack, whereas 8 boxes comes out to around $.09/pack.)

If you were to order this, I would suggest you do a screen capture of the product page. And then if you only receive one box, I would call customer service. I’m pretty sure they don’t take returns on food, so they’ll have to fix it some other way… my guess is they’ll refund your money. But who knows—maybe you’ll end up with a year’s supply of M&Ms.

(Don’t even ask me what you’d do with all that candy. I’m peeking at the screen through my fingers, forking the sign of the cross and eating celery.)


  1. I just looked at the page and it seems the “Product Features” says it’s a “Box of twenty-five packages of M&M’s” “Contains 7 plain, 7 with Peanut, 5 with Almonds, 6 with Peanut Butter”

    Just in case someone REALLY wanted a year’s supply 😉

  2. Use it for a fund-raiser for a ball team or scout troupe!

  3. i bought it – we’ll see. Great for the 2 parties I have coming up for my soon-to-be 4 and 6 year old boys 🙂

  4. Whoa!

  5. AAAAHHHHHHHH I really want to buy it ’cause it’s such an amazing deal but I really don’t need to have all those M&M’s in my home.

  6. I bit the bullet and ordered, but I’ll bet that I wind up paying $18.15 for just one box and amazon not doing anything about it.

  7. If you look at the Product Features for the Chocolate Bars (no longer available) it says: “Pack of eight, 25-count bars(total of 200-count bars)” soooooo…… one could legitimately assume it’s the boat load of M&Ms too. I’d say screen print the chocolate tab too.

  8. Ooo Good catch Tanya! I screen printed that one too and saved it. Wooohooo 🙂 Lurve me some chocolate! This will be great for our camping trips this summer 🙂

  9. no longer working 🙁

  10. Looks like they’re no longer available. Oh well. My intent would have been to save them for Halloween but like that really would have happened.

  11. I had to check it out too, but it’s gone now. Would have been good for many movie nights, Easter baskets, surprise packages for friends, sending to work with hubby and a zillion other things too with that much candy!
    I’d love to have that deal on the candy bar box!

  12. I just received my order and it was ONE box of 25-count M&Ms which is actually a bad price per package. I just e-mailed and demanded they either fulfill the order I placed for an 8-count of 25, or I wanted a refund of my money. We’ll see how this plays out. I am pretty annoyed!

  13. I also got one box, but I just called Amazon and told them what happened. I said, if it was Amazon’s mistake, I would love the 7 other boxes, but if it was my mistake, I’d like to send it back. They kindly told me they had no more in stock, but would gladly refund me my total and I could keep the box. I love Amazon’s CS. When I just spell it out to them nicely, they are always agreeable and helpful.

  14. They sent me an additional box but then told me to return them as it was a mistake!

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